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best bike rental software

The Best Car Rental Software of 2021 – Jugnoo

Half of 2021 has been passed and people are excited […]

13th August 2021
bike rental platform

How to launch your own bike rental platform with Jugnoo?

Choosing a business plan where you can earn as soon […]

11th August 2021

Start Your Own Online Car Rental System with Jugnoo

You are just one step away from kickstarting your online […]

5th August 2021
Bike rental system

Benefits of an automated bike rental system

An automated bike rental system is one of the most […]

5th August 2021
Jugnoo Car Rental FI

Tips to Build Successful Car Rental Booking System with Jugnoo Software

A successful business lays its foundation with stepping stones of […]

29th July 2021
Car rental marketplace

Thinking to Launch a Car Rental Marketplace? Features to Consider

Congratulations on sticking to one of the high rewarding mobility […]

27th July 2021
Taxi Dispatch System - Jugnoo

Why does a taxi cab business need a Taxi Dispatch System? Know with Jugnoo

Post-Uber launch, the ride-hailing industry has gained much popularity with […]

26th July 2021
Taxi Booking App-Jugnoo

How Does a Taxi Booking App Development Work?

The days of manually having to call and book a […]

21st July 2021
Gojek business model

How does Gojek Model Works: Business and Revenue Insights!

A Super App born out of necessity has become the […]

20th July 2021
Jugnoo - White Label Taxi Software

Why Launch a Taxi Booking App with a White Label Taxi Software?

Introduction Ride-hailing apps have carved a strong niche for themselves […]

19th July 2021

How to create Rideshare App-Cost, Features, and More?

The rideshare app has received popularity worldwide due to its […]

25th June 2021

Carpool Software: ‘Owning the Drive’ to ‘Owing the Ride’

The use of technology has made life much simpler by […]

23rd June 2021
Rentrip Business Model - Jugnoo

Rentrip Business Model- Working Model, Revenue and Insights

After a successful era of on-demand ride-hailing businesses, on-demand bike […]

18th August 2021
Jugnoo - Zoomcar business model

Expanding the horizons: Zoomcar business model

India’s first-ever online self-drive car rental company; Zoom is in […]

16th August 2021
Gojek business model

How does Gojek Model Works: Business and Revenue Insights!

A Super App born out of necessity has become the […]

20th July 2021
Grab Business Model

How Grab works: The on-demand business model!

Grab ride-sharing is a renowned on-demand business model that leads […]

19th January 2021

Bolt (Taxify) Clone app- Features, Benefits and Cost to create an app

Taxify/Bolt is one of the largest competitors facing Uber. It […]

20th November 2020
Blablacar- Jugnoo

How BlaBla Works – The High Earning Ride Share Platform

We all at some point have thought of this carpool […]

16th November 2020

4 Reasons SaaS Is Better Than A Source Code

You might be very familiar with these two words: SaaS […]

26th February 2020
Franchising- The Business Evolution

Franchising- The Business Evolution

Franchising has been a popular go-to option amongst entrepreneurs since […]

29th October 2019

5 Ways How Jugnoo Can Help You Grow Your Franchise

The franchise you select plays a huge role in the […]

27th June 2019

Multilingual Apps: The Key To Widening The On-Demand Services Reach

“If you talk to a man in a language he […]

14th June 2019

Employees Are Getting Paid To Quit And Start Their Own Delivery Businesses

Owing to its growing delivery needs, Amazon is offering to […]

15th May 2019

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