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4 Reasons SaaS Is Better Than A Source Code

You might be very familiar with these two words: SaaS and Source Code. Businesses who are intended to go digital are often stuck between which one to pick and why. Broadly, these two are often considered to be equally powerful when it comes to choosing one over the other. But this is where the decision-maker makes his very first assumption. Not at any hour of the day, the two could be interlaced or compared when we discuss the performance. 

With technology almost acquiring every single business, the competitive market is on its own rage. You might find millions of business owners who have later on regretted their decision of not doing enough research before making this big purchase and are suffering now.

To refrain from such incidents, here are few of the must-to- know differentiating and distinguishing features of both that can help you to make a wiser decision.

Maintenance: How and Who will do?

It is not necessary for every business to hire a separate team for taking care of technical aspects. This is why, when someone outsources either SaaS or Source code, it looks to get after help too in terms of technical advice.

Source code is often given in the rate of peanuts. And half among us would be happy after listening to the minimum cost only. Isn’t it! But what is on the other side of the picture, remains on the other side until you reach that stage. Thinking about what we are saying? Let us explain to you in a better way. Source code is cheaper to purchase but is costlier when it comes to taking care of it in later stages. 

Among 88% of source code, buyers are regretting their decision and are looking for other options as the maintenance is either missing from tech’s end or is poor enough to be implemented in their practical world. 

However, on the other side purchasing, SaaS is, however, a wealthy task but the results speak for it’s really worth. Ditching the bad protocols where one has to keep on waiting to get technical assistance, SaaS does the all for you. A wiser decision-maker would definitely think for the other side of the picture. 

Swift Deployment: Start as You get in SaaS

Your competitors in the market are already doing great. You need to match their shoes from time to time. Wasting your time in purchasing source code and then investing your valuable time in implementing it to your business, is a time-consuming task. 

However, picking up Saas gives you the chance to go ahead with the swift deployment and you are good to go and beat your competitors. In the case of source code, you need to show your patience and keep waiting until it is deployed promptly.  2020 is all about making better decisions that can keep you ahead of others. Don’t waste your energy and time in getting involved in unfavorable decisions for your business. 

Security and Compliance:

Keeping your business secure is the topmost priority of your business. Are you capable of keeping this promise of keeping your business secure? If you are choosing source code, then we are sorry but you are risking your business security and compliance. From taking care of your user’s data to their payment channels, SaaS will cover all for you. Sadly, source code fails to do it. This means, not only yours, but you are risking the data security of your customers too. If you wish to be a part of this race for a longer time, you should make the right decision. 

Customization in SaaS: Do you have the right?

2020 is all about your brand name. Customization of SaaS according to your business requirements is a must to take steps that can help you to live your business identity to the maximum. However, in the case of source code purchase, you need to keep on compromising with your business identity as you are not authorized to customize the way as you want. 

The total cost: Have you calculated?

A wider picture says that buying source code is much costly for your business as compared to SaaS purchase. In case of SaaS purchase, you might pay one time but in case of source code purchase, you would be required to keep on paying in portions. Are you ready for it?

We are sure, you must not be. If you have already been in this trap or are about to make a decision, we urge you to think twice! 

If you have any doubts or concerns, get connected with us. We will help you to make a better and wealthier decision for your business. 

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