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How Self-Drive Cars are Changing Our World?

Artificial Intelligence and automation have played a significant role in shaping the mobility industry. If we look behind, we will find that automotive technology has come a very long way over the years. 

Post Tesla announced the self-driven cars; the market has faced a strong disruption. With autonomous or self-driving cars becoming the next big innovation, we all are ready to embrace the big change in our day-to-day life. 

What is a self-drive car?

Many people might not be confident with the concept of self-drive or autonomous cars. These are an upper hand category of cars where there is no need for human supervision while driving on the road. The driverless cars are well supported with the required ML and AI as their important components. 

How Self-Drive Cars are Changing Our World - Jugnoo.io

Nonetheless to mention, in the coming years, self-drive cars will rule the mobility industry and are going to change our lives forever. 

We’ve already discussed the potential scope of self-driven cars and how they are all set to become an integral part of our ride industry.

Here is a small write-up explaining the self-drive cars and their optimal benefit or possible changes they can bring to our lives. Let us get started with it. 

Provides a quick escape from high pollution 

The self-driven cars are considered to help in reducing pollution levels. Unlike existing cars, these self-driven cars are known to reduce harmful emissions by up to 60%. 

This simply means less pollution in the environment. At times, when every next company is moving towards its corporate social responsibility of paying its active role in saving the environment, choosing self-driven cars would be a smarter option. Also, this mode of traveling would be a bonus for those who are looking for cleaner and better air to breathe. The metro cities which are in a constant fight to maintain the air quality are going to get a larger share of the benefit. 

How Self-Drive Cars are Changing Our World - Jugnoo.io

If you or anyone in your circle have a health problem because of the rising air pollution, it is a great start to reduce and gradually remove this problem from our lives. Isn’t it worth it?

Reduces the traffic congestion

Many of us might think about the silent contribution of self-driven cars in combating traffic congestion. Here is our take on it. 

We all know about running contests fighting increased traffic congestion day by day. One of the most significant causes of it is the reckless and insensible driving of people on the roads. 

Research has indicated that almost billions of hours are wasted by commuters every day because of traffic congestion. If an individual is restricted to self-drive cars, this consumption decreases to 40%. Isn’t it an important saving that we all are looking to invest in?

Apart from saving time, autonomous cars are also known to maintain sanity on the roads. Dozens of people are involved in breaking traffic rules, jumping red lights, ruthless driving, and taking wrong turns. 

The stop-and-go traffic situation has gone out of the hands because of the continuous worrying of people getting stuck in jams. Self-driving cars could be a smart escape that can help in saving time, energy, and unwanted situations on the road. 

A gift for non-drivers

People often fail to become independent with their travels as they don’t know how to drive. However, self-driving cars can become a quick escape in such cases.

How Self-Drive Cars are Changing Our World - Jugnoo.io

It is a huge bonus for the people who have always hesitated to learn how to drive cars. The baggage of not knowing how to drive can be easily removed by replacing cars with self-driven cars. If you too fall in this category or know someone who is actually looking to gain this confidence, feel free to get connected with self-drive cars. It can do wonders in their lives. 

For instance, you need not wait for a trained driver to take you to a certain place. With self-driving cars, it would be easier to reach a certain place without waiting for a professional driver to drive. Hence, self-drive cars are going to be a great hit in your life. 

Saves a high cost 

The cost of maintaining the human cars is a certain pain. It involves a lot in terms of energy, time, and money. And it required repetitive maintenance too. However, you can pause this investment by shifting to self-drive cars.

Cars are also known to solve the last mile problem. It is a smart addition for businesses that are looking to reach out to their customers at their doorstep. You can easily get the drop-off points via these self-sufficient and intelligently built self-drive cars. 

Moreover, these cars are sufficient enough to find a parking spot on their own and are easier to use as compared to any other public transport. The much-added convenience is also to be checked thoroughly in such cases.

Hence, as an individual, you can save your money and can go light with asset-building processes through these channels. In simpler words, you are going to save a huge amount of money, time, and effort in maintaining a car. 

Reduces the oil consumption

Hefty prices of petrol are known to all. If you are a daily car user, you can not deny the fact that most of your savings and earnings go into fueling up the cars. If not, you can not afford to drive a car. This has been a persistent problem for all.

However, experts believe that with self-driving cars, it would be easier to reduce oil consumption. The eco-driving practices help in saving the extra miles and extra fuel consumption. Hence, in the long run, it is going to reduce oil consumption.

Once the demand gets categorized, it is easier to maintain the supply without raising its price and accessibility. Hence overall it is going to help make your transport needs easier to be achieved.

Adds the safety quotient 

Autonomous cars come with an extra layer of safety. There are always risks of car theft or accidents when it comes to basic cars. 

However, with self-drive cars, you can expect an extra layer of safety. They are built in a way that human intelligence improves with the combination of artificial intelligence. The vehicle manufacturers have taken a strong consideration among the same.  However, if needed, you can ask for the extra added safety features in your existing ones also. 

What do experts have to say about it?

Jugnoo is a leading SaaS provider that is looking to build a stronger and more vivid role of tech in the mobility industry.

With self-drive cars taking the front seat, we believe that in the coming times, it would be easier for the companies to remove the driver cost and think about adding the self-drive cars in the process. 

A further modification in your existing ride-hailing apps, and you are all good to go.

Final thoughts 

Definitely, self-driving cars are going to shape and change the future of the ride-hailing industry in a better way. If you are running any mobility business or are planning to get started with it, think about choosing Jugnoo to accommodate the addition of self-drive cars in your processes.

It might sound tech-heavy in the initial days, but in the end, it is going to help you make a better and informed decision for your business growth.

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