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Explore the largest directory of APIs & SDKs beyond just maps,
custom routes, search, location data, live tracking,
route optimization, and predictive ETA.

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Mapping Software

We offer best in class mapping solution to medium and
large scale enterprises at a fraction of the cost.

Mapping SDKs & APIs

Mapping Software
Customizable Maps

Customize your maps by adding multiple layers, themes, etc. through a curated set of components according to your points of interest.

Store Locator

Choose to add a store or place a locator map through custom-style designs. Time to shout loud for your brand by putting your logo on markers.

Mapping Software

Get Customized fonts, icons, and textures to create dynamic maps.

Mapping Software

Light Map

Mapping Software

Dark Map

Mapping Software

Streets Map

Navigation SDKs and APIs

Search and
Directions APIs


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Route Optimization

Mapping Software

Vehicle-Based Optimization

Bikes or cars, map a route and optimize your fleet based on vehicle type taking into account its volume, speed & fuel efficiency.

Monitor and Manage Your Routes

Select and plan the routes that you would like to optimize and assign to agents based on their availability and location by taking help of route optimization app.
Mapping Software
Mapping Software

API Integration

Easily integrate one of our best API and use powerful algorithms to route any vehicle suited for your business.

Multi-Stop Route Planner

Create a single task for single pickup and multiple drop-offs. Plan and optimize your routes for speedy drop-offs with the help of delivery route planner app. sfnjd Get in Touch
Mapping Software
Mapping Software

Powerful Alone Better Together

Flightmap + Tookan provides you complete mapping, routing and fleet tracking solution for your Business. sfnjd Get in Touch

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Mapping Software

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