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Employees Are Getting Paid To Quit And Start Their Own Delivery Businesses

Owing to its growing delivery needs, Amazon is offering to fund up to $10,000 in start-up costs and provide three months of pay to any employee who decides to start their own delivery business. This offer will not only empower motivated individuals to start their own venture but will also help Amazon build a stronger delivery network to shift its Prime delivery to one-day shipping.
Amazon Delivery Jugnoo Franchise
The rising innovations and disruptions such as same day deliveries, delivery drones, and dispatch software in the on-demand delivery space have attracted a lot of entrepreneurs and investors. With e-commerce and tech giants such as Amazon promoting entrepreneurship in this space, a rising number of entrepreneurs are hustling to find the right partners to start their business with. 
Entrepreneurs often have a tough time transitioning into starting and running an on-demand transport or delivery business on their own. Several key decisions regarding the tech platforms to be used, operational practices, and growth strategies can sometimes become overwhelming to take for someone who is just starting up. Start-ups often look for customized mentorship, proven operational models, and technology support to start their business on the right note. These, however, are not easy to find at the right time and at the right cost.
To alleviate the anxiety and risks involved for entrepreneurs, Jugnoo launched its Franchise Program last year. In this program, Jugnoo partners with entrepreneurs to help them open their own Rides and Delivery businesses in any city across the world. Trusted in over 20+ countries with 29 million transactions completed worldwide, Jugnoo now aims to empower entrepreneurs with all the technical and operational support to enter the on-demand business and run their operations efficiently. 
If you’re looking for the right partner to start your on-demand business with, have a chat with our consultants to know how we can help you grow.  

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