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9 Must-Have Features In Your Taxi Dispatch System

The rising demand for economic mobility solutions has given birth to a variety of innovative solutions in this space. From on-demand taxis, and limousines to e-bikes and inter-city rides, entrepreneurs worldwide are starting and scaling up their dispatch businesses via a taxi dispatch system. According to reports, the taxi industry is expected to reach $722.5 million by the end of 2025. What has and will fuel this exponential growth is the use of reliable on-demand dispatch apps and software that enable businesses to increase customer traction and reduce operational costs.
The taxi dispatch system consists of a customer app, a driver app, and an admin panel/ dispatcher. The taxi dispatch system manages the passengers as well as the driver through an integrated platform, which is easy to use and equipped with the necessary features.

The necessary basic features of a taxi dispatch system are as follows:

1) Secured Login:

Features In Your Taxi Dispatch System | Jugnoo.io

The user and the driver need to fill in the valid, necessary information like name and phone number in the apps. With the increasing use of social media, taxi business owners are eager to provide social media-based logins using Facebook and Gmail. The credentials of the driver and customers will be completely secured.

2) Scheduling of Rides via taxi dispatch system:

The customer can schedule rides at any moment using native customer apps. Taxi business owners even provide the flexibility of pre-scheduling and cancellation of the rides to provide a convenient mobility service to customers.

3) Time Estimation:

The customer gets the idea of how much time will it take them to reach the destination and also the arrival time of the booked taxi at the pickup point. Various algorithms are used in taxi dispatch software to provide fair time estimations to avoid wastage of time and loss in cancellations.

4) Location Tracking:

Features In Your Taxi Dispatch System | Jugnoo.io

Real-time tracking provides a map view of the current location and route of the driver in the customer app. Business owners can view the real-time locations and routes taken by all the drivers on their dispatcher or admin panel.

5) Real-time Notifications via taxi dispatch system :

Regular real-time notifications related to the trip status are sent to the customer, driver, and dispatcher via in-app notifications, SMS, and emails. Referral programs and promotions notifications are also sent to users.

6) Easy Payment Process:

Neither the customer nor the driver needs to carry change with them as the payment can also be made through cashless methods. Various payment gateways are integrated with taxi apps to provide reliable and convenient payment methods to customers.

7) Rating And Feedback:

The rating and feedback provided by the customer for the driver make the taxi service more transparent and trustworthy among users. This helps the business owners to improve the ride experience of the customers and work on areas of improvement.

8) Robust Dispatching Solution:

The taxi software should be capable of handling addition to fleet size, drivers, and multiple locations and should also be able to adapt to the growing demands of the taxi business. The use of geofencing, dynamic pricing, and heat maps have enabled business owners to develop an efficient dispatch system to combat constantly varying supply and demand.

9) Analytical Insights:

Business owners have access to various reports such as details of customers, drivers, payment modes, and rides taken. This gives the owners insights into customer behavior, payment patterns, fraud detection, driver performance, fleet utilization, etc., enabling them to make the right decisions.

Jugnoo – The Best Taxi Dispatch System

When people started opting for flexibility in booking and cashless payments, mobile applications paved the way for a new revolution in the transportation industry. The taxi dispatch software is relied on by the owners because of its cost-effectiveness, automated workflows, and improved quality of service to customers. It also allows deep customization potential to reflect your branding by providing white-labeled taxi apps in multiple languages. The key to surviving this competitive transportation industry is to be technologically advanced.
Jugnoo Taxi is a taxi app developer which offers a wide range of features and a digital way of managing the taxi fleet through custom mobile apps for customers and drivers, an admin panel, automated workflow, data analysis, and setting of prices to the management of payments.

To learn more about starting your own taxi dispatch system, you can download the ebook below or head to our resources. If you have any queries or want to start right away, schedule a demo with our experts today.

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