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5 Ways How Jugnoo Can Help You Grow Your Franchise

The franchise you select plays a huge role in the success of your business. The aid and support provided by the franchise company can remove the obstacles in your journey and clear your path to success. Making the right choice can put you in a comfortable zone two steps ahead of your rivals. 
Over the years, Jugnoo, through in-depth analysis, has understood franchisee needs and ways to boost their business. Jugnoo has incorporated these into its business model to provide a well-rounded advantage to its franchise owners over their rivals. Let us take a look at how you can grow your business and fulfill your dreams with Jugnoo.

1. Brand Power

A strong brand makes market entry immensely easier and undoubtedly plays a major role in acquiring and retaining customers. WIth Jugnoo, you are choosing a recognized brand trusted all over the nation and overseas. With more customers flocking towards Jugnoo, you can comfortably expand your business and grow.

Few companies offer the same brand power at an affordable cost to aspiring business owners. With the legacy of Jugnoo powering your advertising campaigns, your campaign targets can be met effortlessly with lower expenditure. These savings can be used to power other domains of your business. 

Jugnoo also offers strategic and financial aids for local marketing campaigns designed to advance your business even further.
2. Proven Operations Model

Over the years Jugnoo has refined its operations model, thanks to the vast experience gained through successfully launching the brand in over 50 cities across India. This model helps you in conducting your operations smoothly from day 1 and building your venture in a steady manner.
To ensure that you smoothly adapt to this model, our team provides comprehensive training to your drivers and delivery agents, enhancing their performance to serve more customers and retain them. We also distribute training material to the new franchises enabling seamless launch and operations.
3. Quick Return On Investments

Quick returns can make the difference in whether a business venture survives or not. Jugnoo excels in ensuring that the business owners receive high returns in a short span of time for the investment they’ve made.
Jugnoo also provides a multitude of additional features to keep your investments and monthly expenditure at a bare minimum. With these savings and quick returns, you can easily expand your business and broaden your horizons.

4. World Class Technology

Jugnoo has the vast experience of powering taxis, bikes, and autorickshaws all over India and worldwide. This state-of-the-art technology has been refined over the years, providing you the perfect software solution, making it profoundly easier for you to conduct the business.

Our user-friendly customer and driver apps help you gain more customers and hire more drivers. Jugnoo also provides a dispatcher panel and an admin dashboard that gives a bird’s eye view of the processes and enables you to use advanced features such as real-time tracking, surge pricing, and geofencing. In short, our technical support can be one of your greatest assets in increasing your customer engagement and accelerating your business growth.

5. 24*7 Support System

Business owners spend a lot of their valuable resources (time, money, labor) handling customer complaints and rectifying their issues. With Jugnoo, our 24*7 customer support works tirelessly to ensure your business goes on smoothly.
Our dedicated Customer Success Managers work around the clock to retain your customers and build your customer base. This frees up your valuable resources which can be used productively to further expand your business.

For a young fledgling franchise, every support provided by the franchise company takes it another step closer to success. Jugnoo understands this and provides the best facilities to its franchisees. The emphasis is laid on nurturing the franchisees during the initial stages and providing them aid to accelerate the growth in later stages.
Want to learn more about Jugnoo Franchise opportunities? You can get in touch with our consultants to learn more. Happy Franchising.

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