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Trends that will rule the mobility sector in 2023

The mobility sector is undergoing a major transformation at the moment. The main disruptive forces in the market are hybrid or electric vehicles together with on-demand mobility services. New e-mobility markets are coming up while others are disappearing and converging quickly. 

These futuristic online mobility trends will not only reshape the mobility for organizations, but they will also do the same for consumers. The people that can implement proper innovations at proper times and secure good partnerships will be the ones to survive. Here are some significant trends that will shape the mobility sector in the upcoming years.

Trends in mobility for 2023

A rise in demand for Electric Vehicles

EVs (Electric Vehicles) have come up as a viable transportation alternative for cars that run on fossil fuel. These EVs have revolutionized transport all over the world. They have significantly reduced GHG emissions and air pollutants with the use of electricity as the power input source for automobiles. 

These electric vehicles were once considered to be science fiction but E-mobility is quickly expanding and changing things right now. This is likely to be one of the largest mobility trends in the upcoming years.

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Rise in demand for hydrogen vehicles

Since 2000s hydrogen-powered cars have been the subject of several prototypes and have been in production stages because of government initiatives promoting the progress of fuel cells via big investments in core technology. 

Various industry operators have made a lot of progress in the establishment of strategic subsidy policies for fuel cell plans. Almost all modern vehicles these days have fuel cell products or are being prototypes. Due to the flexibility and simplicity of hydrogen vehicles in the modern landscape, these hydrogen vehicles have a range of applications.

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Autonomous driving

The self-driving or autonomous vehicles are the transportation of the future. These vehicles not only decrease the traffic, but they also lower the impact of the vehicles on the environment and improve safety. These self-driving vehicles are quickly replacing human drivers and also decreasing fuel consumption greatly. 

These autonomous cars are a step forward in transportation and driving has become convenient and enjoyable. This new way of transportation will allow humans to eliminate the need for driving in urban cities. This is expected to be a major trend in 2023.


With transportation now becoming more multi-layered and complex than compared to the conventional private vehicle ownership model, another big trend that will affect all industries is Servitization. It will also have an impact on online mobility.

Many people are moving to densely populated megacities and there is a rising concern about the climate crisis, those days when everyone operated their cars are numbered. For instance, with a rise in the number of EVs, you will now need all-in-one charging apps that will provide a one-stop solution for all EV charging requirements and will also help in hosting an EV charging station.

IoT and AI integration

Most EV charging stations these days are unmanned. There are very few people available that can assist you with issues. There is a good possibility that you do not know the different features that you can use when you are at an EV charging station. This is where IoT and AI come in and will help you in becoming a technology-savvy person. 

It will help you in the upcoming years. You can think about recommendation engines in a big way although it depends on your charger type and vehicle. It is a trade-off between driving distance to the charging stations, availability of various amenities, and charging speed. Both IoT and AI can help in the EV industry and serve people better.

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Improvement in PLM technology

PLM or Product Lifecycle Management technology is a method for management of the whole process of creation and development of complex products. You need to bring these products from conception to disposal like a company such as Jugnoo has done in India. This is a software solution that can join together business systems, people, procedures, and data for management of product lifecycle economically and effectively.


As there is a lot of pressure on fuel consumption for decreasing carbon emissions, automobile makers around the world are looking for alternate ways of compensating for fuel demands with more efficient and better things. This is the area where these turbochargers have made their way into the world of gasoline and diesel engines. One of the significant advantages of turbocharging is that it increases the speed, making engines perform in a better way without damaging them.

New ride-hailing platforms

We have observed several new platforms developing out there such as Jugnoo that offer easy and fast ride-hailing. This could be autos or cabs or EVs or some other modes of sustainable transit. Gone are the days when many people had to spend a lot of their time looking for a proper ride. The advent of these ride-hailing platforms has ensured that there are a smaller number of hassles for people in transit. These types of platforms have been pretty successful because they offer convenience and ease to their customers in terms of mobility.

Single QR or single ticketing

It is a seamless solution for accessibility to info for both first and last-mile connectivity. The requirement for digital ticketing will rise in 2023. There are several new solutions in the pipeline at the moment and many of them will be rolled out soon in the metro cities. 

These solutions hold a lot of potential for the enhancement of services provided by the modern online mobility sector. 2023 is the year when we will see single ticketing or single QR being realized for the benefit of the online mobility sector.

Advanced creative designs

We are already aware of the fact that EVs are cheaper to buy and own over the long term than traditional gasoline-powered cars. Due to the higher number of sales and customer loyalty, consumers will demand electrical vehicles. But the use of the latest technology is expected and people will look for creative and advanced designs for offering more space and safety.

More shared mobility

It is not an overtly clever idea to have a car that costs 20,000 or 25,000 dollars or even more and then have to use it for an hour every day. This realization will strike home for several people in the upcoming years. So, there will be a lot of cheaper, more practical, and environmentally friendly alternatives out there for getting from one place to another.

The buzzword here is MaaS or Mobility as a Means of transport. The use of this model does not involve the actual means of transport such as public transport or shared car. Mobility itself is the service that is rented and paid for even at flat rates.

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For staying mobile there is no need for investing in a car purchase any more. These days there are a number of more efficient ways available for doing this. The new trends in online mobility will be accompanied by the creation of many comfortable conditions for moving around on wheels. 

The entire process appears to be unstoppable and these changes are also to be accompanied by a desire to take good care of health and environment.

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