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Boost Revenue for your Taxi Business | Jugnoo.io

Strategies to Boost Revenue for your Taxi Business

The taxi industry is surrounded by a lot of buzz […]

19th July 2022
Ola Business Model | Jugnoo.io

Ola Business Model: How does Ola Capture its Growth?

The revolution of digitalization has changed the ultimate behavior of […]

18th July 2022
uber business model | Jugnoo.io

Uber Business Model – Everything You Need to Know

The Uber Business Model has successfully introduced the concept of […]

11th July 2022
How to Keep Your Drivers Happy? Jugnoo.io

How to Keep Your Drivers Happy?

The process of starting and running a business is not […]

7th July 2022
shared Mobility leading to a less car-centric future | Jugnoo.io

Will Shared Mobility lead to a less car-centric future?

The mobility industry has seen many upside downs in the […]

1st July 2022
shared mobility | Jugnoo.io

Jugnoo: solving the issue of shared mobility worldwide

Shared mobility has been one of the most preferred ways […]

29th June 2022
shared electric vehicles | Jugnoo.io

Mobility Startups are showing great interest in shared electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles have been a driving strategy for young startups […]

27th June 2022
Uber share mobility market | Jugnoo.io

Uber Re-enters the Shared Mobility Market After Two Years of Pandemic

The size of the global shared mobility market was estimated […]

23rd June 2022
Generation gap for electric vehicles: Jugnoo.io

Is there a generation gap in the auto industry for electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles have successfully created their space and demand in […]

21st June 2022
Challenges faced by On-Demand Taxi App Business | Jugnoo.io

Challenges Faced by On-Demand Taxi App Businesses

The transportation business is seeing growth and competition as a […]

17th June 2022
Robo-taxi Market Growth | Jugnoo.io

Stress on Emission-free Vehicles Leading to Robo-taxi Market Growth

A robo-taxi is also known as a self-driving taxi or […]

15th June 2022
ABB E-mobility | Jugnoo.io

Is E-mobility a challenging market since ABB – a Sweden MAAS company, delays its IPO?

First, let us give you a brief of what ABB […]

13th June 2022

What is Micromobility and Why You Should Ride This Wave?

In recent years, the landscape of urban transportation has undergone […]

2nd April 2024
Autonomous Driving

Trends that will rule the mobility sector in 2023

The mobility sector is undergoing a major transformation at the […]

20th February 2023

Gett Business Model: An exciting alternative to Uber

During the last few years, car-hailing service booking apps for […]

28th November 2022
Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service: Why is it a good choice?

As you must have observed, with the rising population, vehicular […]

13th September 2022
Ola Business Model | Jugnoo.io

Ola Business Model: How does Ola Capture its Growth?

The revolution of digitalization has changed the ultimate behavior of […]

18th July 2022
Carma Business Model | Jugnoo.io

Carma Business Model and how does it make money

Businesses are getting higher demands and popularity in the market […]

9th June 2022
Tata Neu - Super App

The Tata Group Launches Tata Neu, Its Own Super App

Tata Group officially launched its much-anticipated super app, Tata Neu, […]

9th April 2022

Bolt Clone app- Features, Benefits, and Cost to create an app

Taxify/Bolt is one of the largest competitors facing Uber. It […]

4th April 2022
Grab Business Model

How Grab works: The on-demand business model

Grab ride-sharing is a renowned on-demand business model that leads […]

29th March 2022
Blablacar- Jugnoo

How BlaBla Works – The High Earning Ride Share Platform

We all at some point have thought of this carpool […]

14th March 2022
Reduce Costs by Switching to Pay As You Go Model - Jugnoo

Reduce Costs by Switching to Pay As You Go Model

Heard about the “Pay as you go model”? Post-pandemic, this […]

24th December 2021
How Hertz Works: Business and Revenue Model - Jugnoo

How Hertz Works: Business and Revenue Model

What is Hertz? Hertz is a renowned name in the […]

12th October 2021
Rentrip Business Model - Jugnoo

Rentrip Business Model- Working Model, Revenue and Insights

After a successful era of on-demand ride-hailing businesses, on-demand bike […]

18th August 2021
Jugnoo - Zoomcar business model

Expanding the horizons: Zoomcar business model

India’s first-ever online self-drive car rental company; Zoom is in […]

16th August 2021
Gojek business model

How does Gojek Model Works: Business and Revenue Insights!

A Super App born out of necessity has become the […]

20th July 2021

4 Reasons SaaS Is Better Than A Source Code

You might be very familiar with these two words: SaaS […]

26th February 2020
Franchising- The Business Evolution

Franchising- The Business Evolution

Franchising has been a popular go-to option amongst entrepreneurs since […]

29th October 2019

5 Ways How Jugnoo Can Help You Grow Your Franchise

The franchise you select plays a huge role in the […]

27th June 2019

Multilingual Apps: The Key To Widening The On-Demand Services Reach

“If you talk to a man in a language he […]

14th June 2019

Employees Are Getting Paid To Quit And Start Their Own Delivery Businesses

Owing to its growing delivery needs, Amazon is offering to […]

15th May 2019

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