Best Uber Clone Script in 2022 – Jugnoo

Uber clone is an on-demand and popular taxi booking software that has helped many taxi-hailing businesses to shape their future and maintain their profitability in the market. It not only supports the comfort of the customers but also helps in driving a fair amount of revenue for your ride-hailing business.  In this article, we are […]

How to Create an App like Ola with Jugnoo?

Taxi-hailing has become one of the most used travelling models by the customers. With ola and uber acquiring a major share in the ride-hailing industry, many start-ups are trying to replicate their processes to gain quick success. In this article, we are going to discuss how one can create an app like Ola with Jugnoo […]

Make your ride-hailing business super easy with our Lyft Clone app

Are you interested in creating a new dimension for your ride-hailing business? If yes, here is all that you need to know about. You can easily create your own mobility business and can make it super successful with a few considerations in mind. To get started, we are going to talk and discuss the features […]

How Admin can Benefit from Jugnoo’s Custom Geofence Pricing Add-On?

What is Custom Geofence Pricing? Custom geofence pricing is the practice of adjusting a ride’s fare based on the location of the passenger. It is a particular location-based service charge that businesses can set where journey prices change dynamically in almost real-time and also vary geographically from one area to another in a city. There […]

Understanding the working of taxi app development

With Uber opening the opportunity gate for the on-demand ride-hailing market, most of the mobility businesses are getting inclined towards the launch of a taxi app development for their business. It not only adds value to your services but also helps in adding extra convenience and comfort to your processes.  From simplifying the operations to […]

Detailed Guide on Taxi Booking App Development

With more adoption of smartphones in day to day life, technology has shrunk down the number and complexity of tasks for the better. Gone are the days, when people were ready to wait for hours or stand in a long queue to board a cab or bus. With people becoming more comfortable with technology, the […]

How to develop a taxi app in 2022?

2022 is going to be a year of accomplishments. There are tremendous opportunities waiting to be explored in 2022. Do you remember those tough days when developing a mobile app was a complex and ruckus affair? In the era, when ride-hailing services were introduced in the market, people were chasing to build a tedious and […]

Launch your on-demand taxi business in 3 days

Gone are the days when rides were hailed by waving hands. People have changed their patterns and have chosen a far more comfortable and happy way to find their rides. Getting the rides through the fingertip has become the new normal. So is the need to maintain the algorithm of match and supply in the […]

Pros of Choosing a White Label Taxi Software for your Ride-Hailing Business

White label taxi software has become the primary choice for many ride-hailing businesses. An on-demand ride-hailing app can allow its customers to book any type of cabs at the comfort of their app. The app can allow the cab to reach the doorstep and drop the customer at their desired location. It helps in making […]

How can a Digital Solution Improve your Taxi Business?

There is a digital transformation that has changed the lives of people for good. When we say it from a business perspective, a lot has been done and is expected to be done in the coming years. Keeping the momentum high, here we are discussing how a digital presence or solution has upscaled a traditional […]

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