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7 Result- Oriented Marketing Strategies for Your Local Taxi Business: Real-life examples inside

As a local taxi business owner or with a dream of starting a local taxi business, you do understand the importance of standing out. While larger ride-sharing companies may have vast resources, your local presence and understanding of the community can be your greatest strengths. 

Now, all you need is out of the box marketing tips and tricks. By implementing creative and targeted marketing strategies, you can attract more customers. 

It is all about being smart and implementing the right strategies at the right time. Let’s understand this with some real-life examples. 

1. Start with Hyperlocal Marketing 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Charity begins at home”. That’s exactly what Hyperlocal marketing is about. It is about starting with your neighborhoods and communities. Target nearby audiences first as you are more familiar with them and can cater to their specific needs.

Example: Jugnoo, an Indian ride-sharing service, leveraged hyperlocal marketing to gain a foothold in various cities. They partnered with local vendors, offered discounts to residents of specific areas, and even customized their app’s interface to reflect the local language and cultural nuances.

2. Invest in Fleet Branding

This is essential for a local taxi business. Fleet Branding helps in remembering and reassuring your brand’s name and identity. In addition to this, consider wrapping your taxis with eye-catching designs or artwork that reflect the local culture or landmarks. This could turn your vehicles into moving billboards and conversation starters.

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Example: A taxi company in Melbourne, Australia, partnered with local artists to create unique designs for their taxi wraps. Each taxi featured a different artwork, showcasing the city’s vibrant art scene and attracting attention from both locals and tourists.

3. Collaborations always work

Collaborations are one thing that hardly go wrong and are mostly a win-win. Partner with local businesses/ influencers to leverage each other’s strengths and reach new audiences.

Example: A taxi company in Miami collaborated with a popular local food blogger to create a “Foodie Tour” package. The blogger curated a list of must-visit restaurants, and the taxi service provided transportation and discounted rates for customers who booked the package. This cross-promotion helped both businesses tap into each other’s audience and create a unique experience for food enthusiasts.

4. Special Attention for Special Customers

As a local taxi business, you have the advantage to mould your services according to different target audiences. Make a list of your audiences and categorise them. Give special attention to senior citizens or people with disabilities. This way you can become a community hero. 

Example: A taxi company in Toronto launched a “Ladies’ Night” service, providing female drivers for women who preferred a more comfortable and secure transportation experience during late hours.

5. Gamification and Rewards Program

Incorporate gamification elements into your app or service to engage customers and incentivize loyalty. For example, you could have a points system where customers earn rewards for completing certain challenges or reaching milestones, such as referring friends or taking a certain number of rides within a specific time frame.

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Example: A taxi company in Singapore launched a gamified rewards program called “Taxi Royale.” Customers could earn points by taking rides, and these points could be redeemed for various prizes or discounts. The app also featured leaderboards and special challenges, creating a sense of friendly competition among users.

6. Leverage Social Media 

This is the biggest tool today in your hands. Without spending any extra budget, you can gain a lot out of it. Build a loyal customer base by engaging and interacting with the local audience. Leverage social media to stand out as a local taxi brand. 

Example: A taxi service in Chicago created a dedicated Instagram account showcasing the city’s landmarks and neighborhoods from a driver’s perspective. This unique approach not only attracted local residents but also visitors who wanted to experience the city through the lens of a knowledgeable local.

7. Multi-tasking to win 

As a local taxi business, you don’t have to use your taxi just for passengers. You can also use it to deliver parcels and cargo and multitask to earn more. Have a flexible pricing strategy for this and keep both your customers and business happy. 

Example: A taxi business in South Africa used to deliver parcels in their ideal time so that they can earn more. This way they could use it for both, as a taxi business and as a delivery business. 

Wrapping Up

A local taxi business today has a lot of potential to serve their community and also have a profitable business. Remember, you just have to take that one step. 

We are here at Jugnoo, if you need any assistance. Just drop us a line at taxi@jugnoo.in or check out this page.

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