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Multilingual Apps: The Key To Widening The On-Demand Services Reach

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”
At Jugnoo, we believe in the power languages hold over the world.  Most customers prefer using various apps in their native language. As a result customer engagement and adoption skyrockets when customers are provided with the opportunity to choose their own language in these apps.
A similar trend exists in the case of on-demand apps. Indeed, the effect may be greater in this scenario as these on-demand food or taxi apps cater to the convenience of the users. Let’s take a look at some of the most spoken languages that are being hotly pursued by the on-demand entrepreneurs to widen the reach of their service across the world.
World’s most common language, English, is studied and spoken by around 20% of the world’s population. English is the official language in 67 countries which includes the likes of the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It is unofficially spoken in 42 countries including UAE and Germany among several others. It is so popular that in several nations, it is the favorite choice as the second language. Needless to say, English dominates as the primary language used in the on-demand industry.

Chinese is the language spoken by 1 out of 6 people in the world, making it the spoken language of about 1.2 billion people.  Depending on the classification scheme Chinese can be further segregated into 7 to 13 regional groups. The most spoken dialect is Mandarin. It is spoken by about 960 million people.  Chinese is officially spoken by the residents of China and Taiwan. Furthermore, it is heralded as one of the official languages of Singapore.
Over 86 million Chinese speakers have been actively using the internet. The ongoing surge in the number of Chinese speaking internet and smartphone users is further accelerated by the increase in multilingual apps catering to the Chinese speaking crowd. Jugnoo gives immense importance to customer convenience and Chinese is one among the several languages we support to make on-demand ride-hailing easier.
Spanish is the worlds’ second most spoken language. It is spoken by nearly 470 million people in the world. Other than Spain this language is spoken across 5 continents, predominantly in countries of Central and South America. Spanish is an official language of approximately 21 countries including Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc. It is unofficially spoken in the United States, Andorra, Belize, and Gibraltar.
Around 7% of the world’s population constitutes of Spanish speakers out of which 65.8% have already adopted internet and the numbers are still rising. Availability of more apps in their native language will push these numbers even further.

Arabic is commonly spoken in the Middle East and has over 420 million speakers worldwide. It is an official language of 19 countries including Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Arabic is also spoken by the residents of Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Israel, Somalia, and South Sudan.
The internet penetration of Arabic speaking population is estimated to be 43.8% and still rising, creating a huge potential for entrepreneurs launching their apps and websites in Arabic. Jugnoo has successfully powered taxis in the Arab world. Our apps support Arabic and always keeps customer comfort as the top priority.
French is spoken by approximately 400 million speakers. Other than France, French claims the official language title in 29 countries including Canada, Haiti, Belgium, Switzerland, Burundi, etc. It is unofficially spoken in 20 other countries including Egypt, Greece, Morocco, Mauritius, Vietnam, etc.  
The internet penetration of French speakers stands at 25.4%. This opens the vistas to widen the penetration by providing on-demand apps to French speakers in their native language. Jugnoo remains firm in its core principle of giving importance to customer convenience and it comes as no surprise that Jugnoo ride-hailing apps can be published in the French language as well.
Just as in the case of other on-demand services, taxi dispatch systems that support several languages hold an edge over others. Being multilingual increases customer engagement by making it convenient for their users to use the apps and explore the various features at ease. This, in turn, leads to increased adoption of the service among peers of the users, leading to an exponential increase in the number of users. Being multilingual also improves customer retention which results in boosting business growth and the ROI.
Want to check if you can find an app in your native language? Get in touch with our product specialists for a free consultation session.

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