Metaverse, Air taxis, and Robot taxis are the Future of Ride-Hailing Business

Technology has played a significant role in unleashing the power of the mobility industry and has changed the market with better opportunities and success stories. As we know, tech is evolving very quickly, we are about to see a brand new addition of AI-powered metaverse ride-hailing techniques in the industry.  The core focus is now […]

Online Ride-Hailing Business Ideas to Start in 2022

Congratulations on getting started with your own ride-hailing business ideas for 2022. In this article, we are going to help you with a few of the finest ideas that can bring a better revenue channel for you.  The world is going through an entrepreneurial wave right now. People are willing to try their luck with […]

Make your ride-hailing business super easy with our Lyft Clone app

Are you interested in creating a new dimension for your ride-hailing business? If yes, here is all that you need to know about. You can easily create your own mobility business and can make it super successful with a few considerations in mind. To get started, we are going to talk and discuss the features […]

Future of Ride-Hailing Business Post-Pandemic

Post pandemic, the ride-hailing business has changed and moved to another direction of performance. The uncertainty of pandemic results has moved the thought process of many individuals and have created a big stir in the market.  It has been documented that during the pandemic, the Uber and Lyft ridership has dropped to around 70% to […]

Rideshare software- An innovative step towards transportation services

Ride-share software in ride-hailing apps has emerged as a promising urban transportation mode in the mobility industry. The carpool software has seen a sudden spike in its demand, owing to changing the behaviour of travellers.  The rideshare software is a preference over other modes of dispatch software due to its extreme flexibility and scalability as […]

All Women Ride-share Business- Reasons why it will be a great hit!

What is the first image that comes to your mind when we say- Taxi drivers? A man! For sure. This is how we have seen the industry and accepted it somewhere. Growing numbers of transport businesses are making a significant impact on the travel pattern of the world. You might have read our previous posts […]

Super Apps in Ride-Hailing Industry- How far it can go?

Coined by Blackberry founder Mike Lazaridis in 2010, the term ‘super apps’ is defined as a closed ecosystem of many apps that people would use every day for their seamless, contextualized, and integrated experience. Essentially, a Super app is an app-based marketplace where a company offers services through in-house technology and third-party integrations. A famous […]

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