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Hacks for Your Ride-Hailing App’s Uninstall Rates

Is your ride-hailing app uninstall stealing the majority of your users? We know how tragic it would be for you as it impacts you financially. Ride-hailing app development is just the beginning of a long process. A common challenge for you is to keep users satisfied beyond the initial app install, and it can be even more difficult to gain meaningful exposure because larger companies often offer a lot of apps that appear on top ten lists.

Learn Some Effective Strategies to Overcome the Competition in the Ride-Hailing Business.

Hacks for your ride-hailing app uninstall rates | Jugnoo.io

Let’s examine some precise data from the app uninstall statistics. In just 30 days, more than half of all apps that users download are removed from their phones! Because the free trial period has expired, people frequently remove hobby and fun apps. Ride-hailing apps shouldn’t have a problem with such high uninstall rates, right? Wrong. Due to the lockdown measures, the uninstall rate for ride-hailing apps increased in 2020. In general, app owners are chasing installs and ignoring uninstalls in their marketing strategies, which is alarming.

You can slow your ride-hailing app uninstall rate by knowing the reasons behind the rising number of them. Examining the statistics is one of the simplest methods to boost app loyalty. Client-side interaction analytics can help developers understand what motivates the behavior of their user base and make improvements to their apps that directly address user needs. Benefits will flow to developers that keep a keen eye out for what their customers are actually seeking.

Factors that influence ride-hailing app uninstall

Most business owners are actively looking for solutions to the problem of lowering the uninstall rate. Many apps simply offer a little amount of functionality, such as “lite” games that are deleted once the user has completed all the levels and only go so far. That isn’t necessarily a drawback.

Hacks for your ride-hailing app uninstall rates | Jugnoo.io

Really, there isn’t a universal response to the query “why are consumers uninstalling my app?” However, there do appear to be a few common causes that may play a part in this:

  1. Lengthy signup forms: 

Users who have just downloaded an app should not be asked to complete a lengthy, complicated form, especially on mobile devices. Find yourself an app development company that allows your users and drivers to signup easily and conveniently.

  1. Frequently asking for ratings:

We know that being a business owner, it’s important for you to get genuine ratings and reviews from your users. But try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Will they be willing to provide feedback after getting asked way too frequently? Of course not! Apps that relentlessly hound users for ratings tend to be uninstalled; these need to be timed just right in order to avoid burnout.

  1. User-friendliness: 
Hacks for your ride-hailing app uninstall rates | Jugnoo.io

Most users will uninstall an app if it takes more than a few seconds to learn how to use it. Get yourself a robust third-party app developer who can help you with intuitive and user-friendly apps that your customers would love to use!

  1. Buggy:

Uninstalling an app is common if it has a lot of bugs, uses a lot of memory, or crashes frequently. These problems rarely receive user forgiveness. The number of bugs customers encounter can be significantly reduced by making sure to periodically test an app on different hardware and versions of the same operating system.

But you can save yourself from these hassles by joining a tech partner that provides you the correct tools and software to start with your successful ride-hailing business.

  1. Unnecessary notifications:

Annoying users defeats the purpose of an app. Sending pointless push messages that only distort the signal-to-noise ratio is unpleasant. They must be timed properly to avoid becoming intrusive or overbearing. Make sure that you send interesting and important notifications so that your users find them intriguing enough to respond.

Hacks to prevent your ride-hailing app’s uninstall rates

Here is some quick, actionable advice on how to deal with your app’s uninstall rate to better shape your marketing perspective.

  1. Examine app uninstall trends to develop clever user acquisition strategies. Verify which marketing channels, strategies, and creatives have delivered you customers who uninstalled the app. Compare it next to the statistics from the ads that got you your loyal customers. Spending on user acquisition should be redirected properly.

    Plan your marketing approach based on user trends and consumer behavior. Predictive analytic techniques can be used to examine past and present user behavior (such as how frequently an app is used, how many rides are booked, when they are booked, etc.), and you can then utilize this information to build a customized message to appeal to your audience. Contextual messages increase user engagement with your mobile application, lowering the rate of uninstalls.
  1. Make sure to thoroughly explain your app. The first impression is supreme in app stores. Use video to demonstrate the functionality of your apps, eye-catching graphics, and detailed descriptions to inform consumers of all their benefits. Do the same when running social media marketing efforts. People are less inclined to remove your app off their phones if they can easily comprehend and recall it.
  1. Provide proactive support to your users. A survey found that only 5% of unhappy users actually report issues, while 95% of them delete the app due to a bad experience. It is challenging to keep customers after they switch to another app because the app store provides them with a variety of alternatives. In order to prevent them from deleting your application, get in touch with them and offer proactive help.
    Give people the appropriate way to express their issues so that they can be resolved as soon as feasible.
    For a seamless user experience, add in-app support and help functionality.
    Live chats are another tool you may use to give immediate assistance.
Hacks for your ride-hailing app uninstall rates | Jugnoo.io
  1. Let users know how great your app is. To reduce uninstalls, users must engage with the application on a regular basis. Push notifications, well-targeted email marketing, smart retargeting, and a strong social media presence are all essential to lowering uninstall rates. Utilizing these tools mindfully is key here, without overwhelming your app users with too much information.

We believe that these hacks will definitely help you to fix your ride-hailing app uninstall rates. For further assistance, contact Team Jugnoo.

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