How Self-Drive Cars are Changing Our World?

Artificial Intelligence and automation have played a significant role in shaping the mobility industry. If we look behind, we will find that automotive technology has come a very long way over the years.  Post Tesla announced the self-driven cars; the market has faced a strong disruption. With autonomous or self-driving cars becoming the next big […]

Achieve Great Success in Taxi Business with Jugnoo Online Cab Booking Software

Starting off with one of the best tech players in the mobility industry gives you immense support and guidance to make your taxi business talk of the town. Going ahead, in this write-up, we are going to discuss the various aspects of online cab booking software and how it can help in bringing the desired […]

Your Comprehensive Guide to the Jugnoo Taxi Dispatch System

Jugnoo provides you with the best taxi dispatch system for drivers to get connected with the software and get a certified job. With the help of the Jugnoo software, you can manage the automated dispatch operations easily as the customers are mapped with drivers for traveling a certain distance of pick-up location. The software is […]

How has Taxi Dispatch Software Affected the Ride-Hailing Industry?

The ride-hailing industry is booming at a high verge. With people enjoying customer-centric ride-hailing services, taxi dispatch software is gaining profit like never before. For those, who have been in the show buzz, it is important for them to catch the pace and meet the twin goals of building profitability with a high scope of […]

How Admin can Benefit from Jugnoo’s Custom Geofence Pricing Add-On?

What is Custom Geofence Pricing? Custom geofence pricing is the practice of adjusting a ride’s fare based on the location of the passenger. It is a particular location-based service charge that businesses can set where journey prices change dynamically in almost real-time and also vary geographically from one area to another in a city. There […]

Detailed Guide on Taxi Booking App Development

With more adoption of smartphones in day to day life, technology has shrunk down the number and complexity of tasks for the better. Gone are the days, when people were ready to wait for hours or stand in a long queue to board a cab or bus. With people becoming more comfortable with technology, the […]

Future of Ride-Hailing Business Post-Pandemic

Post pandemic, the ride-hailing business has changed and moved to another direction of performance. The uncertainty of pandemic results has moved the thought process of many individuals and have created a big stir in the market.  It has been documented that during the pandemic, the Uber and Lyft ridership has dropped to around 70% to […]

How can a Digital Solution Improve your Taxi Business?

There is a digital transformation that has changed the lives of people for good. When we say it from a business perspective, a lot has been done and is expected to be done in the coming years. Keeping the momentum high, here we are discussing how a digital presence or solution has upscaled a traditional […]

How can 5G help in the development of the Mobility Sector?

The mobility sector has raised a surge in its operations post-pandemic. People have started putting their trust vote to public transport once again in this new normal. Digitalisation has always had the advantage of helping the on-demand industry for the betterment. Here is a small write up showcasing the advantage of 5G in the upliftment […]

Why should you invest in on-demand taxi software?

The transportation business is changing and is in the limelight post lockdown. People have certain limitations and expectations when it comes to discussing the usage and utility of on-demand taxi software. Keeping it in mind, here is a smart move where you can not only keep yourself grounded with the people’s choices and requirements but […]

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