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Make your ride-hailing business super easy with our Lyft Clone app

Are you interested in creating a new dimension for your ride-hailing business? If yes, here is all that you need to know about. You can easily create your own mobility business and can make it super successful with a few considerations in mind. To get started, we are going to talk and discuss the features that can be well supported in the Lyft Clone App.

Make your ride-hailing business super easy with Jugnoo Lyft Clone app

We are here to tell you about how these features play a significant role in building up a strong revenue stream for your business. 

List of features to own in your Lyft clone app!

Go through the list and suggest how you find them for your mobility business. By embracing these features in the list, you can easily get over the competition and can edge it with perfection. 

Dupe for multiple payment channels

More the choices more will be the customers looking to avail services. In our Lyft clone app, we are offering a wide range of multiple payment channels options to make your business go on the top of the competitive edge. If you have been into a customer-centric industry before, you must be knowing how important it is to get preference from the customers. 

Make your ride-hailing business super easy with Jugnoo Lyft Clone app

The Lyft clone app helps in duplicating the presence of multiple payment channels in your business. Hence, there are chances that your customers will get connected with your services and would appreciate the comfort.

Introduce fare estimation 

Fare estimation is a smart feature that is known to offer a semantical idea about how much the trip will cost. This feature gives the dual benefit. The drivers who are on the job can have a brief idea about the earnings and can decide whether they need to actively take the ride or not. This can be a preliminary idea about how much amount the ride can earn. 

On the other hand, while the customer is deciding to book a ride, he must know how much it will cost. The fare estimation helps in getting that estimate. This way, it will become easier for both the parties, to stay transparent and informational about the fare cost. 

Accept/Cancel ride requests

Another feature that can be a part of the Lyft clone app is to enable drivers to either accept or cancel the upcoming ride requests. In continuation to the above-mentioned feature about fare estimation, the driver can either choose to accept the ride requests based on his availability, adhere and cost associated. Or the driver can choose to cancel the requests.

This will help in getting a clear picture about the clarity of ride acceptance, time taken and estimated time is taken to travel. 

The Lyft clone app helps in getting this feature embedded in your already existing clone app. This will make it important for your customer satisfaction as well as the driver’s satisfaction.

Ride cancellation from the customer’s side 

Similar to the driver feature to accept or cancel the ride request, there is an extension to this feature. The ride cancellation can also be done from the customer’s side. Though there might be some sort of cancellation fees that would be charged from the customers’ side but not the full amount. 

Lyft clone app helps in adding a delightful customer experience to its customers. The ride cancellation feature added by the app will allow the customer to book or cancel the ride as per the requirements. 

You can decide about the minimal payment charged to make sure that your customers stay happy and connected with your services. 

Admin dashboard for a perfect Lyft clone app 

A unified interface where you can oversee the activities of the ride stakeholders is a must to have in your admin dashboard. When you are replicating the Lyft app functionalities, make sure you choose to own a powerful and scalable admin dashboard. It will help in overseeing all the activities around the ride-hailing platform and will help in interfering with how the driver is executing the route.

In the overall situation, it also helps you to keep a tab over the performance of the individual drivers and makes it easier for the admin to remotely control all the services and execution parts. 

Apart from the remote control, the powerful dashboard also helps in giving fair insights about how and why your ride-hailing business is performing. 

Favourite destination 

As you are going to replicate the features of the Lyft clone app, it is important to make your customer feel important and delightful while using the app. To enhance the functional capacity of the app, we can introduce the feature of our favourite destination.

Similar to bookmarking a regular thing, the favourite destination will help in allowing your customers to keep a regular tab on their fav place or the most visited place. It could be a home, office or any other specific area. 

Customer support 

None of the businesses can perform better without a solid customer support team. To ensure that your customers are getting a delightful experience and are able to commute in your Lyft clone app without any worry, it is important to have a customer support team dedicated to customers.

Make your ride-hailing business super easy with Jugnoo Lyft Clone app

In the Lyft clone app, there is a dedicated feature that allows the collaboration of the customer support team in one place. This helps in addressing and escalating the issues to the concerned team and getting on-time responses at the earliest. It also helps in adding a sense of trust among the customers. 

Rating and review in the Lyft Clone App 

Last but not the least, if you choose to offer a rating and review column to your customers while using your ride-hailing services, you are on the way to retaining your customers. To get the same, our Lyft clone app offers similar services.

Make your ride-hailing business super easy with Jugnoo Lyft Clone app

As soon as the ride is completed by the rider, there is a tab/section that helps in leaving the rating or review to the specific experience. This helps in building up a sustainable relationship with the customers.

Tech team for your Lyft Clone App

We are a team of tech providers who are always there to make sure that all of your tech requirements are handled and addressed with great transparency. With years of experience in the field, we are here to help you get started with your own ride-hailing app through our Lyft clone app.

Make your ride-hailing business super easy with Jugnoo Lyft Clone app

If you have some other specific features in your mind, let us know. We offer end to end customisation and complete API integration in a seamless manner.


Getting a Lyft clone app is one step to stay closer to a new revenue stream with your ride-hailing services. Get all these features pre-built in Jugnoo’s Lyft clone app.

Once you start getting your services in the market, you might need to overcome the competitive edge and make your presence louder and beneficial for your customers.
Jugnoo offers the comfort, convenience and sustainability to retain and bring more potential customers to your business. 

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