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Metaverse, Air taxis, and Robot taxis are the Future of Ride-Hailing Business

Technology has played a significant role in unleashing the power of the mobility industry and has changed the market with better opportunities and success stories. As we know, tech is evolving very quickly, we are about to see a brand new addition of AI-powered metaverse ride-hailing techniques in the industry. 

Metaverse, Air taxis, and Robot taxis - Jugnoo.io

The core focus is now shifted to adding sustainability and comfort to the mode of travel. With these two goals kept in mind, experts now believe that the futuristic lifestyle will be more towards focusing on metaverse, air taxis, and robot taxis. 

This is an article dedicated to highlighting the futuristic scopes of the ride-hailing industry. And how the industry will be shaping up in the coming years. Let’s find out about what and how for the future of the ride-hailing industry. 

The three major shifts in the ride-hailing business

Experts believe that the global ride-hailing business will very soon be welcoming the most popular three major shifts in their processes. The introduction of these three tech-driven modes of traveling will be known to build a strong future for the industry. They are:

  • Metaverse
  • Air taxis
  • Robot taxis 

Let’s read them one by one and know more about their capabilities in action.


It is one of the most happening tech features that has changed the shape of the entire technology for good. Commonly known as virtual-reality space, it is a tech-operated space where the users can interact with each other via a computer-generated environment. 

Metaverse, Air taxis, and Robot taxis - Jugnoo.io

It is known to play a contributing role in changing consumer behavior. It helps in unleashing unexplored opportunities for education, entertainment, shopping, and many more. Once the user is able to get along with this virtual space, it becomes convenient for them to master the art of multi-tasking with real-time advancements. The metaverse will change the spectrum of the ride-hailing industry by making it quick and affordable for all. Ride-hailing will soon be more than just a way to go from one point to another quickly and cheaply. It will be a chance to experience new things.

For instance, WayRay’s latest concept automobile, Holograktor, uses True AR technology, which includes holographic displays that project holographic content onto the windshield and side windows, creating a Metaverse on Wheels.

Doesn’t it seem exciting? But that’s just the start.

It’s believed that ride-hailing businesses might find a new source of revenue by paying for passengers to see material suited to their needs and habits, such as restaurants, leisure activities, points of interest you pass on your journey, and much more.

The metaverse will help in involving the riders with entertainment and the certain set of activities they are looking for. To know more about metaverse and how it can impact the ride-hailing industry, feel free to connect with our team. 

Robot Taxis 

Another on the list is Robot Taxis. With electric vehicles making a strong presence in the market, now the self-driving ride-hailing industry is all set to get introduced in the market. For instance, Ford Motor Co. and its partner Argo AI announced to start a self-driving ride-hailing service with Lyft Inc. in Miami and Austin, Texas, in 2021. The idea was to start expanding the project significantly in 2023, with the eventual goal of sending 1,000 self-driving vehicles to the six U.S. cities where Argo had been testing, including Washington.

Metaverse, Air taxis, and Robot taxis - Jugnoo.io

Similar to the metaverse, robot taxis will be more related to technology. The added vehicles would be completely autonomous and are known to predict the driving behavior and act accordingly. 

Though it becomes a little tough to carry out the same as there are certain unpredictabilities on the road, still, tech is going tough behind it. 

There are many ride-hailing companies that have started piloting the concept and making better use of technology. It will allow them to match the pace of the future and shape their existing business with dynamic requirements. 

Similar to the grounds of self-driven cars, the robot taxis are meant to be driven automatically. Autonomous vehicles will be able to make the ride complete without any manual intervention. 

You might be thinking, what makes it possible for technology to replace human presence in real life? The answer is 5G. Yes, with the launch and successful collaboration of 5g with the ride-hailing industry has made it possible for all. 

This is one of the most in-demand advancements in the ride-hailing industry. The reason why most ride-hailing entrepreneurs are behind the robot taxis is obvious. It allows the businesses to skip the hassles of finding and recruiting the team and then offering them the required training. 

To avoid such a mess, the robot taxis have gained high momentum in the market. Are you willing to know more about it and how you can easily adapt them to your existing ride-hailing business, feel free to connect with our tech experts at Jugnoo?

Air Taxis

The rapid evolution of technology is well embraced by all. Post witnessing the flying taxis virtually in sci-fi movies, novels, or fictional stories- here is the time for them to become real. 

Yes, you have heard it right. As the name suggests, the air taxis are all set to be a part of our ride-hailing industry. If reports are to be believed then very soon get ready to cover your travel via air taxis. 

Metaverse, Air taxis, and Robot taxis - Jugnoo.io

The autonomous air- taxis are still going through a prototype and are set to be released to the public by 2025 (if all goes well). 

Joining the list with one of the Japanese companies, our very own Uber is also trying its luck with air taxis. The uber taxis are meant to support future aerial rides. Uber is getting partnered with Hyundai and is already in the process to develop Uber Taxis. 

Built by Hyundai, the uber taxis will be functional via Uber’s open design process. If you wish to sustain and feel the Uber presence in the air, feel free to get connected with Uber Taxis. 

Though it is yet not clear how much time it will take still we are hoping that with post-on-demand ride-hailing market disruption, Uber can take the charge to roar loud in the air taxi market too.

Stay tuned to witness some unbelievable and beyond imagination advancements in the ride-hailing industry. 

How to make your ride-hailing business future-ready?

If you are or are planning to get started with the ride-hailing business in the near time soon, you need to adapt and evolve according to the changing technology. The ride-hailing business is yet to see the thrifty changes in its processes but it will happen gradually. 

To make sure you are on the same pace as compared to the market, it is important to keep your businesses accommodated and updated with the latest technology. Getting partnered with any of the leading tech providers in the ride-hailing vertical will help you to acquire and capture the maximum attention of your audiences. 

Metaverse, Air taxis, and Robot taxis - Jugnoo.io

Metaverse, robot taxis, and air taxis are a few of those upcoming futures that will be built on technology. Make sure you stay in line with these advancements and are able to equip them in your existing business processes. 

Jugnoo: Our Take on it!

Jugnoo is one of the leading names in ride-hailing technology. From the on-demand market to capturing the quirky requirements of the rental market, the team of Jugnoo has come a long way to offer seamless tech operations to its valuable clients.

We believe that there is no stagnancy in the market and to match the pace of the growth, you need to stay connected with the tech. Our team of professional software experts will help in making it worth going for your existing ride-hailing business.

The final thoughts 

Technology moves with time. If you wish to keep your business going, it is important to stay closer and connected with the right technology. Metaverse, Robot Taxis, and air taxis are just the start of the golden era of technology in the ride-hailing business.

Stay tuned to witness it in the near future and appreciate the technology around us. 

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