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All Women Ride-share Business- Reasons why it will be a great hit!

What is the first image that comes to your mind when we say- Taxi drivers? A man! For sure. This is how we have seen the industry and accepted it somewhere. Growing numbers of transport businesses are making a significant impact on the travel pattern of the world. You might have read our previous posts to discuss the business models, strategies and tips to sustain the competition in the ride-share business. 

With an effort to play our part in corporate social responsibility, we have curated this blog post to offer a brilliant business idea that can bring you revenue and help you take a step towards women empowerment. 

Let’s get started!

Female entrepreneurs are growing in the market. The participation of females in academics, corporate culture is recommendable. When the women of the house have decided to break the stereotypes and move out of the house, Here is now our part of empowering their decision to promise safe and secure travel. 

The business idea- All Women Ride-Share Business 

The idea is to create safe public transportation among the different sections of society. The all-women ride-share platform will allow the females to book a women cab and get a women taxi driver as per their preference and comfort. One can use this concept to launch an uber like app for women or think about going ahead with various verticals of transport concerned with women’s travel. 

For many, it might sound that it would limit the audience size due to gender preference. But that’s not true. There are a couple of successful business models that are offering similar services to their region. 

After complete market research, we have come across these reasons to explain why it is ideal to launch your own Women ride-sharing business

Reasons to opt for All Women Ride-sharing or hailing business model

Comes with a compatibility factor

The majority of women prefer to travel with women drivers and riders as compared to their male counterparts. On top of it, travelling in the odd hours makes it slightly uncomfortable to travel with an unknown male driver. If a woman wishes to work out of her schedule to grow herself in life, we should support her decision. This is why the high compatibility between a female driver and a female customer should be addressed. It plays its part in adding convenience to the journey, in terms of security. 

Less competition in the market

As compared to other transport businesses, this is an untapped market in terms of experiments and growth. However, a couple of existing companies offer similar services, but competition is still relatively low. If you plan to start fresh, this business idea will give you a higher ROI in less time. When we say competition in the taxi business, we talk about giant players like Uber, Lyft and Ola. But, do you know that most female customers felt uncomfortable and unsafe with these big brands too. It gives you the upper hand to start and market your all women ride-share business with a full bang. 

An initiative towards women empowerment

Women of this planet have some extraordinary potential to prove themselves. Talking about their career and her entrepreneurial journey, she needs a little assurance from society that we will take care of her safety. Similarly, when you start your all women ride-sharing services, you are offering jobs to deserving women of society. This way, you can earn and give a source of income to the others also. Isn’t it a noble gesture everyone among us should do once in a lifetime? 

High market demand

If you are launching an all-women ride-share service served by all women cab drivers only, you will see high growth in the demand. The demand is going to raise more in the coming years. All-women transportation is something the society needs the most when we say about empowerment and growth. The carpooling services, the rental packages, the monthly tailor- packages, the corporate travel etc are going to be a game-changer for your business. All you have to do is get started with the right technology and launch your business before anyone else rules your local market. It will help in matching the algorithm of demand to supply in the competition. 

Final words

Women empowerment is not a one-day or two-day process”. This ongoing process will take time to show visible results. On the other hand, starting with a ride-share company for women will allow you to play your active role in contributing to society and create a strong business for yourself. 

If you are looking forward to discussing the opportunity and launching your business with the right set of technology, speak to our representative today

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