Marketing tactics for promoting your ride-hailing apps

Post Uber’s mammoth success, the ride-hailing industry has clearly seen an upscaling future of on-demand and other ride-hailing apps in the market.  If you are planning to be a part of the bandwagon or become a smart player to seize the opportunities, here is a mini e-guide to help you market your ride-hailing apps to […]

Bolt Clone app- Features, Benefits, and Cost to create an app

Taxify/Bolt is one of the largest competitors facing Uber. It is the second most downloaded app in the number of downloads after Uber across Europe. Started by a 19-year-old with the help of his older brother, Taxify – now rebranded as Bolt – has received a valuation of $1 Billion. While this whole story is […]

How Grab works: The on-demand business model

Grab ride-sharing is a renowned on-demand business model that leads Southeast Asia’s mobility platform. Grab in Asia actively offers food delivery services, ride-sharing services, and ride-booking services for taxis, bikes, carpooling, shuttle services via a single super-app. In just four years after its launch as GrabTaxi in 2012, the car-hailing, ride-sharing, and food delivery business […]

Why Launch a Taxi Booking App with a White Label Taxi Software?

Introduction Ride-hailing apps have carved a strong niche for themselves in the rapidly growing world of on-demand businesses. Apps like Careem and Uber have become essentials for inter and intra city travel and offer customers a host of convenience. If you also want to jump on the ride-hailing bandwagon, we have the correct solution for […]

Why does your shuttle business need shuttle software?

Your shuttle service business needs scalable and robust shuttle dispatch software. Assuming you are here to find answers to all your queries related to the shuttle booking software and how to optimise your shuttle business with a smart shuttle booking app, here is all that you need to know. This write-up will cover all the […]

A complete guide to create a taxi booking app like Careem

The days of offline taxi rentals are past us and with tech-based taxi businesses like Career, Uber, and Ola offering their services through dedicated apps, the future is mobile. If you too are looking to start your taxi business, you’ll need a robust taxi booking app that offers your customers the utmost convenience when booking […]

9 Must-Have Features In Your Taxi Dispatch System

The rising demand for economic mobility solutions has given birth to a variety of innovative solutions in this space. From on-demand taxis, limousines to e-bikes, and inter-city rides, entrepreneurs worldwide are starting and scaling up their dispatch businesses via a taxi dispatch system. According to reports, the taxi industry is expected to reach $722.5 million […]

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