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Marketing tactics for promoting your ride-hailing apps

Post Uber’s mammoth success, the ride-hailing industry has clearly seen an upscaling future of on-demand and other ride-hailing apps in the market. 

If you are planning to be a part of the bandwagon or become a smart player to seize the opportunities, here is a mini e-guide to help you market your ride-hailing apps to your customers. 

Marketing tactics for promoting your ride-hailing apps - Jugnoo.io

No one can deny the fact that there is an explosive growth scope out in the market that needs to be optimized to its full potential. But how? We have tried to list down the important metrics and tactics to promote your ride-hailing app and bring the best out of it. 

Let us get started!

Outreach your brand presence in the market

Customers are the real game players who can define the success of your business. While talking specifically about the ride-hailing apps, let us admit that most of the brand presence remains unnoticed by the customers. 

This happens solely because of no or little brand presence in the market. No matter how fine you are with your services, you need to clearly establish your presence in your potential customers’ eyes. Then only you can expect a better and wider scope for offering your services. 

You can orchestrate your requirements by connecting with the top PR or media people who have a good hold in the market. Similar to any other feature addition in your business, you need to have a clear and established brand presence in the market. It can help in bringing first-hand customers to your services. 

If you choose Jugnoo.io to be your tech partner for your ride-hailing app development, then you also get to experience the power of a smart marketing automation platform – Hippo. This platform lets you run email marketing campaigns, SMS/Whatsapp Marketing, Customer Support, send popup notifications, and more so that you stay connected with potential, new, and existing customers.

Marketing tactics for promoting your ride-hailing apps - Jugnoo.io

Once you are able to outreach the maximum of customers, then your customers can promote your services to others. But, it has to start with your own efforts.

Build your social media presence

Most of your potential customers are scrolling social media right now. If you wish them to reach your services, it’s your chance to reach them first. 

Starting your ride-hailing app channel with domain expertise can be a smarter idea, to begin with. It will help in allowing the maximum of customers to be a part of your ride-hailing journey. 

Marketing tactics for promoting your ride-hailing apps - Jugnoo.io

Apart from this, staying connected with your customers/potential prospects can be a good start to learning more about their requirements and expectations of your services. Watch out for your competitors on all the social media platforms and try to learn what their audience likes and what does not.

You can be humorous, quirky, and even sarcastic with the copywriting for your social media posts. People love memes! B2C businesses can be super creative with memes. You need to watch out for the latest trends in social media. It can be done by keeping yourself updated by reading blogs, following famous influencers, reading news articles, and of course, even if you don’t like it – watching Instagram reels.

Make sure your content on social media should not be just product-oriented. It should make people engage with them. Ask questions/polls, give them industry updates, and be super-creative with what you post on your social media handles.

Tip: Stay regular, engaged, and interactive on your social media channels. 

It will help in allowing your ride-hailing services to reach out and capture the attention of the audience. Next time, whenever they are looking for a ride-hailing app, they will definitely give it a try to your services. 

You can choose to stay connected with same-headed communities also for better usage. It will help in building more prosperous connections with your potential customers. 

Launch various discounts/offers on your ride-hailing apps 

You can start with lucrative offers or discounts to grab the customers’ attention. Most of your right customers belong to GEN Z. It is important to keep them interactive and engaging with your app presence. A stronger UI/ UX interface with more power to avail of maximum offers and discounts is definitely a big hit among the customers.

Marketing tactics for promoting your ride-hailing apps - Jugnoo.io

You can also get started with a referral program and keep your customers as your navigators to find and locate other customers. The cost-effective technique can pull the desired results in no time.

Again, if you choose Jugnoo.io, you also get Hippo integration into your website and apps to start your SMS marketing, push notifications, etc. Jugnoo.io also allows you to provide offers and discounts to your customers.

And that too with no initial investment. If you can master this technique, your business will never be out of the scope. Let your customers find the next customers for you through word-of-mouth marketing. 

Start with paid marketing activities 

The above-discussed strategies might take some time to build the growth. To make sure you are getting instant results, it is important to get started with paid marketing activities. Such activities include running paid campaigns, ads, or targeting campaigns to narrow down the search to the right set of audiences. 

While getting started with paid marketing activities, you might need to either outsource or hire an expert. Use his expertise to fetch maximum results for your ride-hailing apps. 

Collate and share customer experiences

You can keep control over the public image of your ride-hailing apps. You can decide to collect and collate all the feedback received so far for the services. 

Marketing tactics for promoting your ride-hailing apps - Jugnoo.io

The customer-driven feedback is known to showcase the real image of a business in front of potential audiences. Let your existing customers market your services and let other people know about them. You can share the feedback on the apps or showcase it to an individual driver profile. In both ways, the customers will be able to know more about you and your ride-hailing apps. 

To promote and encourage the customers to leave feedback, you can run various programs for the same. You can also choose to create a customized NPS survey to bring the best out of it. You can even use their data to send out emails and politely ask them to leave a review if they loved your ride-hailing app’s service. In any case, once the customers leave the feedback, you can use it for further promotion of your services among the wider audiences. 

Start your own channel 

Lastly, you can plan to create your own channel. This is one of the most thrilling and response-driven marketing strategies that will help you to grab the attention of your audiences. You can use that channel to showcase videos, trends, achievements, and many more to the customers. 

Though you might need to do a little homework before getting started with it, in the end, it is all worth it. You can, and you will be able to capture and earn modest attention from the customers. You can start creating small reels or videos to give a sneak peek of your ride-hailing apps in the market.

How to build a strong ride-hailing app so that you can market it easily?

We have already discussed the various strategies that can be implemented to bring more and more customers to your ride-hailing app. Once you get started with these activities, you will be able to capture a huge market for your services. 

But, at the end of the day, it is important to own a ride-hailing app that is worth marketing and promoting among the right audiences. 

You can connect with Team Jugnoo to get started with such great ideas and can make a better, stronger, and tech-driven ride-hailing app for the same.

We offer you an end-to-end tech suite that can help in automating, controlling, managing, and executing ride-hailing operations with optimal efficiency. The dedicated apps are known to help the relevant stakeholders with the requirements and stand true to their usage. 

Wrapping up

Getting started with the ride-hailing apps is ideal as there is a clear market to pitch and win. If you are a startup, you might need to find your space in the market. Jugnoo’s powered mobile app is productive enough to help your business grow long and sustain in the competition.

With competition getting stronger day by day in the market, you might need to keep a close check over the marketing tactics followed by others. 

Identify the gaps in their performances and try to fill in the gaps with your strategies. 

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