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Why Launch a Taxi Booking App with a White Label Taxi Software?


Ride-hailing apps have carved a strong niche for themselves in the rapidly growing world of on-demand businesses. Apps like Careem and Uber have become essentials for inter and intra city travel and offer customers a host of convenience. If you also want to jump on the ride-hailing bandwagon, we have the correct solution for you – white label taxi software. Read on to find answers to pertinent questions like – what is taxi software, what features are required in a robust taxi management software, and more.

What is a White-label Taxi Software? 

As things stand, being quick on your feet is the surest way to succeed in your business. If you embark on developing a taxi software app from scratch, you’ll end up spending years along with a lot of money in the process only to lose out on customers who would have developed loyalty or preference for a competitor.

The solution? A white label taxi software. White label apps are essentially software developed by a company that is rebranded and sold to another company. For instance, Jugnoo offers a white label taxi booking software that offers the same features as Uber which you can use to start your taxi business. As you can imagine, this leads to a lot of time saved since you won’t have to assemble an app development team and spend months or years building an app from scratch.

Key Elements of a White Label Taxi Booking Software

Any taxi booking software needs to have three primary elements to function:

Passenger App: As the name suggests, this app is customer-facing and used by them to book a ride on your platform. A white label passenger app should be equipped with all the basic functionalities including new user sign-up, location detection, ride booking, tracking the ride, making payments, reaching out to customer support, and everything else that a customer might need for a smooth ride-hailing experience. The present-day passenger apps should also have the OTP verification system to ensure passengers board the correct taxi for enhanced security.

Jugnoo - Taxi Software Solution - Passenger/Customer App

Driver App: Drivers are the backbone of a taxi business and require a dedicated app that’s easy to use and navigate. A good white label driver app should allow drivers to register or sign up on your platform, receive incoming ride requests, view the passengers’ exact location, get the optimal route to the drop location, cancel a request, view their performance and overall earnings, and a lot more. A well-designed driver app is essential to run a taxi or ride-hailing business.

Jugnoo - Taxi Software Solution - Driver App

Admin Panel: The admin is the primary person in charge of managing day-to-day fleet operations in real-time. A powerful admin panel should allow the admin to monitor all drivers’ activity and performance, respond to customer queries, receive in-depth analytics and reports about bookings and earnings on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. Without a good admin panel, managing a taxi business can not just be difficult but ineffective.

Jugnoo - On-Demand Taxi Software - Admin Panel

Why a White-Label Solution?

Wondering why white label apps are the way to go when launching a taxi booking app? As we mentioned previously, judicious use of time and money is crucial to running any business successfully. For a taxi business, since the apps are essential elements and cannot be settled for, you need a solution that doesn’t take years or require millions of dollars. That’s where white-label solutions can be of assistance. Instead of developing your own taxi software solution app from scratch, you can license it from a white label app provider. When compared, the cost of developing a new app and using a white label alternative is miles apart, making a choice even easier.

The best part about white label taxi booking apps is that you can customize them according to your business requirements. From the colours used to the icons and general layout, every element of the apps can be made your own without any hassle.

Taxi Booking app- Jugnoo

Another reason why opting for a white label app for your taxi booking business is the experience involved. White label app developers have years of experience creating white-label apps that can be easily used for different businesses. Plus, you can get all your queries resolved without involving an external party with their technical expertise.

With white-label apps, you also avoid the risk of creating a faulty app that’s of no use to customers. Since white label app providers already have apps that are being successfully used by other ride-hailing businesses, you know you have a product that works seamlessly.

What Features Should be considered before opting for a white label taxi software?

Here are some features you can look for in white label taxi software:

  • Payment gateways: As a business, one of your biggest priorities should be to ensure your customers have a seamless experience with you. A key way to ensure this is by offering multiple payment options and having multiple payment gateways for quick and safe transactions.
  • Maps integration: Efficiency is key to running a successful taxi business. To ensure drivers are made aware of the most optimal route to the pickup and drop locations, the white label taxi software should have Google Maps integration.
  • Passenger and driver safety: Making both your customers and driver fleet feel safe and comfortable during the ride is another important consideration when operating a taxi business. Any white label taxi dispatch software should have a clearly visible SOS button on the track screen or home page to ensure both customers and drivers stay safe.
  • Growth prospects: When looking at different white label taxi apps, evaluate them based on how easy it’s to scale the operations using the apps. Businesses can grow overnight and to keep up with the increased users, the apps need to be easily scalable to meet the growing demand. Easy scalability also allows business owners to continue using the apps without having to switch over. 

Jugnoo – The Best White Label Solution for Taxi Booking App

Now that you’re aware of just how beneficial and necessary white-label apps for taxi businesses are, allow us to introduce the easiest way to set up your very own taxi business from scratch – Jugnoo.

Jugnoo- whitelabel taxi booking app

Jugnoo is a white label on-demand taxi software designed to offer you the utmost convenience when setting up your taxi business. Some features that make Jugnoo the preferred white label app provider are:

  • Easily set taxi fares and monitor your earnings and bookings using Jugnoo’s powerful, flexible, and convenient dispatcher panel.
  • Create your own custom marketing campaigns including pop-ups, promo codes, push messages, and referral offers to keep your customers engaged
  • Use the agile dispatcher dashboard to measure and manage your rides, promotion campaigns, customers, fleet & drivers on a single dashboard
  • Give driver earnings a boost by automatically matching rides to the nearest available drivers
  • The driver app has the option to receive intelligent alerts, ride reminders, navigation help, and feedback options on the driver app
  • Solutioning, deployment, onboarding and training programs to help you get started without any hassles.


Creating a taxi booking app business has never been easier. Thanks to the excellent white label taxi booking apps available – Jugnoo. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about our white label apps and how we can help you launch and scale your taxi business.

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