How Self-Drive Cars are Changing Our World?

Artificial Intelligence and automation have played a significant role in shaping the mobility industry. If we look behind, we will find that automotive technology has come a very long way over the years.  Post Tesla announced the self-driven cars; the market has faced a strong disruption. With autonomous or self-driving cars becoming the next big […]

Bolt Clone app- Features, Benefits, and Cost to create an app

Taxify/Bolt is one of the largest competitors facing Uber. It is the second most downloaded app in the number of downloads after Uber across Europe. Started by a 19-year-old with the help of his older brother, Taxify – now rebranded as Bolt – has received a valuation of $1 Billion. While this whole story is […]

How Grab works: The on-demand business model

Grab ride-sharing is a renowned on-demand business model that leads Southeast Asia’s mobility platform. Grab in Asia actively offers food delivery services, ride-sharing services, and ride-booking services for taxis, bikes, carpooling, shuttle services via a single super-app. In just four years after its launch as GrabTaxi in 2012, the car-hailing, ride-sharing, and food delivery business […]

Dynamics of Rental Bike System with EVs

The earliest records of car hire or any other vehicle hiring are back in 1900. Since then, a lot has changed and is evolving with time. In this write-up, we are going to discuss those transformations and how they are going to impact the mobility sector in the coming times.  Way back then, an individual […]

How to Build a Corporate Carpool Software App?

Daily commuting has become an integral part of everyone’s work life. The associated struggles for reaching on time and chasing with the transport availability tells a different story. Have you heard about the carpool software app or ride-sharing platform?  We are sure, you might have heard about it many times. Now, think about it while […]

How Customer Handyman App like Uber Helps To Uplift Your Taxi Business

As a taxi business owner, you need to narrow down your focus over the most effective and ingenious business practices that could ace the process of building up to higher revenue in less span of time. Among many of the proven business practices, the strategy to retain and keep on adding more customers to your […]

9 Must-Have Features In Your Taxi Dispatch System

The rising demand for economic mobility solutions has given birth to a variety of innovative solutions in this space. From on-demand taxis, limousines to e-bikes, and inter-city rides, entrepreneurs worldwide are starting and scaling up their dispatch businesses via a taxi dispatch system. According to reports, the taxi industry is expected to reach $722.5 million […]

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