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A complete guide to create a taxi booking app like Careem

The days of offline taxi rentals are past us and with tech-based taxi businesses like Career, Uber, and Ola offering their services through dedicated apps, the future is mobile. If you too are looking to start your taxi business, you’ll need a robust taxi booking app that offers your customers the utmost convenience when booking a taxi.

While developing a taxi booking app from scratch is an option, it’s not the most viable one. Just to start with, you’ll need to put together a team of developers that will work for months on end to create a basic app. The cost of hiring and retaining this team is an added burden. The solution? Create a clone app that is designed to function like other successful taxi booking apps like Careem and Uber. 

What you will study in this blog:

A Careem clone app, for instance, brings to you a suite of apps that are equipped to make your taxi business a success. Careem Dubai was acquired by Uber in 2019, a testament to the quick success of the former. If you want a taxi booking app like Careem, our comprehensive guide is for you.

Read on to discover the different elements of taxi booking apps, the features necessary for any good taxi booking app, and how we can help you create one.

Taxi Booking App Suite for Careem Clone, Deconstructed

To run a successful taxi business, you need more than just a customer-facing app. Here’s a look at each element of a taxi booking app suite.

Customer App

Arguably the most important app for any taxi business, the customer app determines whether a prospective customer makes a booking with you. The user interface needs to be simple and visually appealing, and the process to book a taxi should be easy to understand. Another important component of the customer app is the ease of payment. The customer should have multiple payment options to choose from and the payment gateway should be secure. In terms of workflow, this is how a customer can interact with your taxi booking app:

  • Log in to the app using their email ID or phone number
  • Enter the pickup and drop location
  • Confirm the request and wait for the app to match your request with the nearest driver
  • Once the booking is confirmed, the customer can view the vehicle and driver details, and estimated time of arrival
  • Post completing the ride, the customer can make the payment using their chosen option and rate the quality of the ride

Driver App

No app-based taxi business can function without a powerful driver app. A driver app allows drivers to get live ride requests, confirm the completion of a ride, view the total rides and earnings for a particular day, and most importantly, access turn-by-turn navigation to help them reach the correct pick and drop point. When creating an app-based taxi business, you need to create an app that addresses the needs of both your customers and drivers. Here’s a breakdown of the workflow in a driver app:

  • Post completing the verification process on the app, drivers will start receiving ride requests in real-time
  • If they accept a request, they’ll get the customers details and pickup point
  • The driver can then make use of the in-built navigation system to reach the pickup point
  • Once the customer gets on board, the driver can start the ride on the app
  • Upon competition of the ride, the driver can end the ride on the app and accept payment, if the customer has opted for a cash payment
  • Drivers also have the option to rate each customer after the end of a trip

Admin Dashboard

The third and final component of the taxi business app suite is the admin or dispatch dashboard. To run your taxi business smoothly, you need a dashboard from which you can control every aspect of day-to-day functioning. Using the dashboard, you can do everything from dispatching drivers as per their location and availability to tracking every vehicle and driver in real-time. Using the admin dashboard, you can also monitor the performance of your business and look for areas of improvement that need your immediate attention. Other important tasks you can perform on the admin dashboard include:

  • Manage ride requests and view all ongoing and past requests in a single dashboard
  • Maintain trip data and analyze it to improve your services
  • Answer customer queries from the dashboard
  • Send real-time notifications to your customers and drivers to keep them updated
  • Offer dynamic pricing during high demand and optimize the dispatch

How to Create a Taxi Booking App 

Now that you’re aware of the basics of taxi booking apps and the role they play in your taxi business’ functioning, let’s look at how you can create a taxi booking app like Careem. Jugnoo offers a highly efficient taxi booking app development system using which you can create a Careem-like app without any hassle. Some of the advantages of using Jugnoo to develop your taxi booking app are:

  • Get powerful, white-labeled Careem-like customer and drivers apps in just 3 days
  • A transparent pricing plan with flexible contract options
  • Completely customizable taxi business apps that can be created as per your specifications and easily modified by you after delivery
  • Enjoy access to free of cost developer APIs that allow you to integrate external apps and software with your taxi business app
  • Round the clock technical support for the rare case when you run into any technical trouble
  • Automate every aspect of your taxi business with our Careem-like customer and driver apps and dispatch dashboard
  • Run custom marketing campaigns to attract more customers using our in-built features like push notifications, pop-ups, referral program, promo codes and discount creation, and more
  • A comprehensive onboarding and training program to help you make the most of your taxi booking app suite

At Jugnoo, we take pride in our technical expertise and believe in delivering software solutions that meet your specific needs without costing a bomb. To bring your taxi business to life without a major time and financial investment, choose Jugnoo. You can even utilize Jugnoo’s excellent technology suite to create your very own food delivery business like Careem Now.

Have questions about the features and pricing plans for our app development services? Get in touch with our team of experts now and get all your queries answered.

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