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Get Your Employees Travel Sorted During Coronavirus Epidemic

The Coronavirus outbreak has sparked the vulnerability of the global economy in a very scary way. The world is forced to confine itself under a safe roof so that the contagious spread could be controlled to a greater extent. However, many of us are still struggling to get back into the normalcy of our work life as work from home is not a concrete solution for all. 

If you are a part of corporate culture, you must be well aware of the fact that many of your professionals are still keeping their safety at high risk and are offering their work without any glitch.  As a responsible entity, it is your duty to ensure that the safety of your employees remains intact irrespective of any pandemic situation. If your employees are commuting from their location to the workplace, you should get their transportation sorted at the earliest. 

As a precautionary measure, you can offer the opportunity to your employees to take the corporate carpooling. Here are the practical reasons that explain the benefits of the same. 

Why does your business need to take care of your employees’ transport?

It is natural to stay worried about the safety of your employees who are standing with your organization at this crucial time. You need to take special care of the employee’s transport because:

  1. People are avoiding public transportation
  2. Commuting Hygiene is a big challenge
  3. Employees and their family members are scared about the safety

Start Your Corporate Carpooling: All the things you need get under one roof

First of all, congratulate yourself for picking up the right decision at the right time. This is one of the most beneficial decisions that can take your business to grow leaps and bounds in no time. But, we understand your concern that it might be quite challenging for you to join the pieces and get your travel tech sorted for your employees. Especially at the time, when the whole world is blown up with this deadly Corona impact. 

To ease your process and to make it live in just a few days, Jugnoo has started its initiative to help society. 

Jugnoo, always known for its accomplishments in the field of corporate social responsibility, is now all set to help the corporate world to combat the current Coronavirus situation like a pro. 

How Can Jugnoo Become Your One-stop Solution For Helping Your Employees Travel?

Jugnoo is all proud to offer you the following offerings:

Fleet To Suit Your Employees Requirements

Getting a fleet that can match up with the occupancy rate of your employees is a big challenge. With the more Coronavirus impact, the transportation industry has already faced a major setback. In such circumstances, it is very difficult to get vehicles as per the requirements. And in case, one is lucky enough to get those, the costs of the vehicles are skyrocketing. 

To cut this vicious cycle of dependency, Jugnoo has decided to offer the required fleet to every business and that too at genuine pricing. So, your first task to find a vehicle from where you could begin with corporate carpooling is accomplished with us.

Drivers on Duty

Giant taxi players such as Uber and Lyft are already facing a downside because of the scarcity of drivers, accounting for Coronavirus fast spread. This has led many taxi companies to experience certain turbulence. To avoid unfolding of any such unwanted events in your corporate carpooling business, we will help you to get in touch with an efficient team of drivers too, who would help you to operationally begin your corporate carpooling business.

A tech-driven carpooling app

To enable the efficient running of your corporate carpooling business, we will offer a robust corporate carpooling app that will be embedded with exclusive features such as smart navigation, tech support, better UI experience and many more. The app will help in getting a powerful data insight report too of the travel behaviour of your employees.

Abundant supply of hand sanitizer and masks to drivers

We are making sure that each of your employees commutes with hygiene. To make sure the health hygiene is not compromised, we have provided an adequate supply of hand sanitiser and masks to the drivers. It helps in making sure that none of the chances of spreading germs prevailed at any of the costs.

Sanitizing the vehicle with alcohol-based washing

Another step we are taking to ensure the safety of Coronavirus is that we are strictly making efforts to keep the vehicle away from any sort of contagious spread. A regular wash of the vehicle along with deep cleaning of the seats, steering is being done to avoid any chance of virus contamination. 

Don’t Wait For Situation To Get Worse

If Coronavirus has not knocked on your office doors till now, you are at the safest place. Now, it is your duty to let your employees get a complete travel shield too in such virus outbreaks. Don’t sit and wait for the situation to worsen with time, stay a step ahead of this deadly virus and save your business operations. 

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