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How to set up a car-sharing system in less than a week?

Car ownership in the world is rapidly changing. With the introduction and popularization of cab aggregators such as Ola and Uber, fewer people are investing in cars. With high ownership costs, low utilization and a lack of parking spaces, people are preferring the use of rideshare apps.

This serves as an incredible opportunity to set up a car-sharing system. That allows existing car owners, entrepreneurs, businesses and commercial taxi services to make the most use of their resources! Rideshare applications are the perfect business opportunity that you need to be paying attention to.

Here’s how you can build your own rideshare app and set up a car-sharing system in just ONE week:

How to set up a car-sharing system in less than a week?

Recognise an ideal carpool software partner

While you can arrange for code to be written from scratch for your business, a readymade rideshare software reduces nitty-gritty. And builds a great roadmap for where you want to take your business. Not just that, it brings your focus back to business, where your A-game is much required! Ridesharing management software such as Jugnoo offers many key features and more.

Customise your carpooling app

Once you decide that you want to create a rideshare app, learn, research and plan out the features that you would like to incorporate into your rideshare platform. Try out a few different apps and find out the features you have.

Like, jot down your original ideas and work with your preferred rideshare management software technicians to set up the software for your business. While focusing on the features, also ensure that your SaaS team allows you to build a white-labelled rideshare app to incorporate your branding.

Keep your fleet ready to go

Are you bringing together car owners who want to make the most of their cars? Are you a taxi service provider with your own set of cars? Do you own a company looking to ease travel planning for your employees? You need to know how you are planning to provide the vehicles once demand starts coming in through your application. 

How to set up a car-sharing system in less than a week?

Know your niche

With a flood of options to choose from, consumers have no choices. What makes your car-sharing system unique? It could be affordable pricing, luxury travel, access to the latest movies during travel – what is your USP? Make it loud and clear and make sure it reflects on your rideshare platform.

Test the features of your new car sharing system

The best feedback comes from users. They may help point out improvements and drawbacks based on their use of your application. If something is too difficult to navigate, or a feature that helps your rideshare application. It is the feedback from a different perspective.

Work on bringing together a small group of test participants. At the same time, your carpool software is setting up. So that you are ready to launch your car-sharing system with confidence after meaningful rounds of feedback.

Pro tip: Communicating with your SaaS team will give your incredible inputs for your rideshare application. Because they not only know the technical aspects of the business but also have the experience of working with other car-sharing businesses. And they could provide you with much-needed inputs.

What if you already have a car sharing system but you want to shift?

Ever-changing competition and continuously upgrading features may turn out to limit your business. If you are stuck with either traditional forms of car booking or dealing with old software. 

Many rideshare platforms these days allow for third party integrations and would also help you transition from one platform to another.

Key features to look forward to including

  1. White labelling
  2. Great UI/UX
  3. Gleet management
  4. Real-time alerts
  5. Quick payments
  6. Multilingual support
  7. Route optimisation.

Once you factor in your requirements and find a perfect match, you are ready to go!

How to set up a car-sharing system in less than a week?

Few key things to note:

Rideshare software and car-sharing systems consist of three different types of users: the end consumer, the driver and the admin – each with their own dashboards. When you set up your rideshare business software, keep in mind these unique dashboards, features essential to each dashboard and what ties them all together. 

A supportive and efficient SaaS team can set up your rideshare business software within 3 days and ensure cost-effective, technologically advanced and continually updated systems to let you focus on what you need to focus most – making the most profits!

Jugnoo’s car-sharing management system consists of the latest in class technology with features such as route optimization, geofencing, rider and fleet management, great discounts and promotions along with a dedicated technical team aiming to serve their clients in the best manner possible. And the best part? It only takes 3 days for Team Jugnoo to set up your rideshare business. Here’s wishing you the best for your new venture!

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