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Onboarding & Engaging Driver Partners Isn’t As Difficult As You’d Think

The success rate of franchises is much higher when compared to the success rate of other startups. You will be astonished to know that the success rate of franchises is over 90% in various countries across the globe. Franchising has provided a path to many aspiring businessmen to live the dream of owning a business. Owning a franchise is one of the smarter ways to own a business without worrying about the risks and the high initial investment. 
As a franchisor, we at Jugnoo understand what it takes for a franchisee to successfully start and run its own business. We encourage new entrepreneurs to start their own on-demand ride-hailing Uber-like business in any city of their choice globally. The majority of the demand generation activities are taken care of at the Jugnoo headquarters for our franchisees. Meanwhile, the franchisee shoulders the critical responsibility of building a steady supply of auto/taxi driver-partners. This is often done by onboarding and engaging the driver-partners to successfully complete the rides.


The process is the initial setup wherein the franchisee invites driver-partners to become a part of the Jugnoo family. Various measures can be taken to maximize the number of driver-partners onboard. Let’s take a glance at a few of the best practices followed at Jugnoo to successfully onboard the driver-partners:
1) Deploying resources in the operational region to get increase awareness of the partnership opportunity and its benefits among drivers.
2) Providing training regarding the use of the intuitive driver app to the newly enrolled driver-partners. Following up on the training with a practical demo of rides and payment schedules, etc.
3) Strategically conducting awareness campaigns for drivers at popular locations such as the fuel and gas stations, taxi stands and malls, etc.
4) Being physically present at every place isn’t possible so using pamphlets listing the requirement of cab drivers and vendor partnerships helps a lot and aid in increasing audience visibility.
5) Finding new avenues and channels by which we can onboard interested driver-partners on the app.


After the process of onboarding, the next major step is keeping communication lines open with all the onboard partners. Continuous interaction will help franchisees communicate the latest offers and benefits to the drivers to motivate them in being engaged with the business. Additionally, the franchisee will also be able to address drivers’ issues related to earnings, app usage, etc. A few ways in which we use to build a healthy relationship are as follows:

1) A welcome call from the HQ initiates a good partnership. Clear lines of communication are one of the key factors that play an important role in the creation of a long partnership while boosting partner’s satisfaction and performance rate by 50%.
2) Providing 24*7 driver support by dealing with their queries and ensuring the proper functioning of the business. This not only demonstrates a positive commitment towards the drivers but also motivates them to stay connected with your business and perform better in the long run.
3) Rewarding best-performing drivers to keep everyone motivated. For instance, to motivate drivers to earn more we have a lot of schemes in place- like incentive and D2D programs. The incentive scheme is wherein the top performing drivers are given incentives. Driver-2-Driver (D2D) scheme is a way of creating brand awareness and increasing the number of people on board via drivers. Herein, any driver can refer another driver to join the Jugnoo app. The driver who refers is given a bonus.
4) Developing new channels for communication with the driver-partners.
Franchising is a proven way of fulfilling the dream of owning a business at low-risk involvement and high returns. A franchise is not just about getting new customers on board; it is also about fulfilling the wants of those customers by providing them timely, reliable, and affordable commute. In order to make customers happy, franchisees need to ensure that driver-partners are happy and driven to provide better services. This supply-side engagement is one of the secret ingredients required to run a successful franchise.
As a franchisor, Jugnoo offers you an opportunity of becoming a franchise owner in any city across the globe. For more details get in touch with our experts at Jugnoo Franchise.

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