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Tips To Boost Rides For Ride-hailing apps like Uber

The taxi industry has been witnessing innovations at a rapid rate. The arrival of on-demand apps like Uber has revolutionized the industry with the business taking a more customer-oriented approach. The evolution of the taxi industry has made users’ life convenient and comfortable. Now 80% of the commuters prefer booking taxi rides than regular taxis plying on the roads.

The on-demand ride-hailing apps industry is projected to globally reach $126,521.2 million by 2025. The industry has been growing rapidly but to maintain the trend it is essential for business owners to keep the users engaged.

Customer retention affects the business directly. The ride experience is one of the major factors to keep customers engaged via pickup apps like Uber. Here are some of the ways business owners can boost the number of rides:

1) Vehicle Branding: 

Branding plays a major role in attracting new customers. Vehicle branding is one of the most commonly used methods for reaching a greater audience. This can be further categorized into:

(i) External Branding: This refers to putting up brand stickers onto the vehicle. This leads to an increase in brand awareness. This also aids in increasing brand loyalty.

(ii) Internal Branding: This refers to adopting different measures to make the customer’s trip experience much better. Providing customers with headrest, tissues, and other car accessories improve the trip experience. The quality of the trip experience directly affects the number of customers being retained.

2) Offers & Coupons in-apps like uber:

In 2020 it’s estimated that approximately 31 billion eCoupons will be redeemed worldwide. This is one of the major techniques that catch a lot of customer’s attention in apps like uber. Offering deals and flat rates on the first few rides aid in attracting the customers to avail of the services being offered in your ridesharing app. These offers help to create goodwill and recognition for the company. These offers will also help to increase brand loyalty.

3) Outdoor Advertisements:

It’s rightly said that people tend to remember the visual seen by the eyes. Out of all the billboard viewers, it’s accounted that 71% of them remember what they saw. Outdoor advertising aids in reaching a greater audience. The outdoor advertising includes different mediums such as hoardings, pole kiosks, pamphlets, and no parking boards.

4) Referrals:

This is an interesting method of creating engagement and expanding customer base by offering incentives to existing customers & drivers At Jugnoo we offer referrals such as the following:

(i) C2C: This scheme offers customers the chance to refer the app to other people and gain benefits such as discounts on the next rides. This is subject to the condition that the people signup and use the app.

(ii) D2C: Even drivers can gain benefits by referring the app to new users. By this the driver gets incentives and customers get different offers on the rides they take.

5) Engagement of Customers:

The engagement of customers in taxi apps plays a vital role in the performance of the ridesharing services being provided. The feedbacks and reviews are necessary for improving the services and being more efficient. One good technique to keep the customers engaged is to introduce new offers from time to time to keep the customers engaged.

The new offers even tempt the people to avail them to gain their benefits. Other than this, these offers need to grasp the customer’s attention. The different ways can be used to make this communication easy such as push notifications, pop-ups, SMS and emails, etc. Sending notifications periodically also catches the attention of customers and helps in boosting the business.

6) Digital Marketing for apps like uber:

Over 40% of the world’s population has access to the internet. On average a person spends approximately 3 hours on their phone daily. This gave rise to digital marketing which refers to advertising through digital channels such as social media, search engines, and display advertising, etc. Some of the commonly used techniques are as follows:

(i) SEO: Search engine optimization is the method of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to the website. This is done by increasing the visibility of the web page to the users of the web search engine.

(ii) SMM: Social media marketing refers to the marketing being done through different social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram, etc.

(iii) SEM: Search engine marketing is a method of using search engines to not only send more traffic to your website but also advertise your website to internet users.

Are you are looking to build an app similar to Uber? Then Jugnoo is the right place. At Jugnoo, we take pride in our technical expertise and believe in delivering software solutions that meet your specific needs without costing a bomb. To bring your taxi business to life without a major time and financial investment, choose Jugnoo.

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