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Jugnoo: solving the issue of shared mobility worldwide

Shared mobility has been one of the most preferred ways of traveling in the mobility sector. Recent years have seen the emergence of innovative mobility-related modes and services, such as shared electric scooters, peer-to-peer car sharing, and pooled ridesharing with strangers, all of which indicate a substantial potential market.

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Do you know that the market for shared mobility reached close to $54 billion in 2016 in China, Europe, and the US, and it is expected to continue to grow at strong rates going forward? The two biggest markets for shared mobility at the moment are China and the US, with $24 billion and $23 billion respectively. On the other side, Europe’s market is significantly smaller, with a little under $6 billion in sales, and it has a more fragmented environment that is more oriented toward car sharing.

Post-2020, the global pandemic has changed the way people consider the role of shared mobility and has given a chance to the startups to try their luck in this emerging market. With mobility as a service taking the charge of growth in the market, people are becoming more tolerant of the innovation to get started with their unique journey. 

Jugnoo is one of the renowned names that has been actively taking the charge to solve the challenges of shared mobility worldwide. With its operations actively helping individuals across the globe to use shared mobility, Jugnoo is considered one of the prime choices in the market. 

Top Challenges with Shared Mobility Vehicles 

There are certain challenges that every shared mobility business model faces now and then. Here are a few of them:

  • Uncertainty of market and growth in shared mobility vehicles 

No doubt there is a certain market that counts on shared mobility transfer as their preferred traveling mode. But, the frequency and urgency are still unpredictable. Compared to investments in e-hailing, the car-sharing business has received only a paltry $3 billion in funding. In almost every nation, private vehicles continue to be the most widely used form of transportation. Today’s consumers use car-sharing the least on average, which accounts for the decline in trip volume. It is tough to assume and expect growth in the market. One has to wait for the end consequences. 

  • Customers’ demands are ever-changing

Customers are looking for added comfort and convenience while they adhere to your services. For them, availability, a competitive price, and safety are shared-mobility services’ top priorities.

shared mobility | Jugnoo.io

The latter in particular may play a significant role in shared mobility’s long-term ability to displace private-car ownership. Notably, for German buyers, availability is the most crucial aspect. Starting from their preferred time slot to preferred route and pricing, everything needs to be perfect from the customer’s standpoint. 

  • Modes of payment are changing

With the digital era of growth capturing the market, it is certainly important to keep your business accommodated with multiple digital payment channels and wallets. It is tough to get updated and integrate required payment channels into the existing processes. And when it comes to the shared mobility business model, you might meet with an “n”  number of customers who are looking for reliable and desirable payment wallets. 

  • Tracking the vehicles is an exhaustive task 

In a shared mobility pattern, keeping a record of the location of the vehicles is a nightmare. With an increase in vehicle count and frequency, the task load gets doubled up. It’s not a feasible task to be done alone with human dependencies. Finding the right tech that can support and optimize business operations is one of the challenging tasks for businesses. 

  • Adding the custom navigation/routes

Based on existing traffic conditions, road status, and other external factors, a driver needs to make an informed decision about the same. It is important to get en route to the right navigation. Any miss or fail in reaching the desired location can result in costing time, effort, and money to the businesses. Being an entrepreneur, you know how a smart admin panel can help you with route optimization, or maybe offer dynamic pricing to make your business profitable. This will help you reduce costs and eventually make your business profitable.

The above discussed are a few of the important issues that shared mobility business faces. In the later part of the blog, we will be reading about how Jugnoo and its tech are helping in supporting the shared mobility businesses. 

How Jugnoo is helping in empowering the shared mobility business?

There are several ways by which shared mobility is enhanced with tech giants. Let us know about them one by one. 

1) Helps in quick scaling of your business

Shared mobility business models often find it easier to go slow with their expansion. This is because there is a high sense of unpredictability in the shared mobility market. To make growth a regular component of the business, it is required to expand wisely and at the right time.

Businesses that are looking forward to expanding their reach over a period of time need solid tech support. This tech support can help in handling and managing their operations/vehicle management as per the demand. Jugnoo’s powered shared mobility software is a scalable and robust tech platform that can help in scaling or adding the number of vehicles as per the growth. But the question is how? What offerings does Jugnoo make to help scale your business?

Intuitive passenger app UI, real-time tracking of vehicles, advanced real-time match feature for car owner and car seeker, geoanalytics, dynamic pricing, multilingual apps, reschedule feature for riders, and a lot more advanced features.

Hence, you can get started with a handful of vehicles, and with time, if growth permits, you can expand your vehicle count. 

2) Helps in adapting your business to the changing requirements 

The business needs to stay flexible and adaptive to the changing requirements of the customers. The market is shifting dramatically and the industry has witnessed dynamic changes in the expectations of the customers.

With Uber’s on-demand ride-hailing concept setting up the benchmark for other mobility businesses, your ride-sharing business needs quick adaptations and more flexibility to meet customers’ dynamic requirements. 

Powering your shared mobility business with Jugnoo’s shared vehicle software can help in accomplishing the same. The end-to-end customizable software offers route updates, surge pricing, multiple payments and SMS integrations, and a marketing automation platform to create brand awareness.

3) Secure your payment channels 

While you are dealing with the payment collection from the customers after every successful completion of rides, it is important to secure your payment channels. 

A secured payment gateway helps in ensuring that your operations remain stress-free and can grow over a period of time. If you are looking to secure your payment channels without worrying about any technical glitch or manual interference, feel free to get connected to reliable vehicle-sharing software. It will help you in bringing more output to your business operations without worrying about any external factors. Hence, your resources can focus more on growth rather than taking care of the operations overall. 

4) Keep traceability of your vehicles 

Moving ahead, the business has vehicles on the move. At the admin level, it is important to make sure that all your vehicles can be easily tracked when they are out on the road.

The software gives a birds-eye view of the vehicle’s position, location, and other details. You can sit at your place and can have detailed information about the vehicle through a dedicated app. This app can be supported well by software and can be used to keep a close tab on the vehicles. It helps in adding more clarity about the vehicles. 

5) Automated Workflows 

To get a better idea about how shared mobility operations are well managed, it is important to have software that supports the same. The dedicated vehicle shared software brings clarity about the upcoming tasks and manages the tasks proficiently. The automated workflow allows and gives notifications about the progress and escalation of the task. It is also important in ensuring that a streamlined process is achieved without any misses. 

The automated workflows boost operational efficiency and allow workload balance in a better way for all the vehicles. With less manual intervention, businesses can often get better productivity.

Grow with time!!

With Jugnoo’s empowered shared mobility software, you can enjoy the perks of expanding your operations as you grow. 

Easy onboarding of the vehicles 

Lastly, if you choose to go ahead with Jugnoo’s powered software, you can think about easy on-boarding of add-on vehicles to your business. The software is well equipped to make sure that every newly added vehicle can be easily onboarded with the software. 

The software gives an easy way out to add the vehicles by simply following certain steps. This can help the shared mobility business holders to keep on adding the vehicles as per their demands and create a better platform to bring the much-needed addition to scale their businesses hassle-free. 

Resonating with what Jugnoo does!

We have already gone through certain steps that explain how Jugnoo can bring advantage to the shared mobility businesses. Here is how you can build your setup along with perfection and dedication. 

Contact team Jugnoo and choose to keep the updated technology at your place to bring the processes at a certain factor. We are a team of experts who can help you in bringing the desired results in less time.

For more information, feel free to contact us and get your tech requirements completed.

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