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Reasons to Start Your Shuttle Service Business

The year 2021 is going to differ from a lot of perspectives. Shuttle service businesses tend to face high demand shortly because life is falling back into its place, and so shall we. 

Shuttle services and the corporate industry are directly related. The majority of the working sector travel through the same route every day, and likewise, shutter service also follows a fixed path and assists anyone wishing to travel through the same road. 

Along with it the travel and tourism need a new revolutionized method of working. Shuttle services are high in demand to reduce chaos from our roads.

Reasons to run a shuttle service in 2021

Here are some points showcasing the necessity of shuttle services in the year 2021.

Post Lockdown preference

People now focus more on health than anything else. Nowadays people prefer travelling in a less crowded transport system. Shuttle vehicles tend to provide a set number of seats for the passengers. It assures no hoarding of the workforce.

Earlier, people use to travel in public transportation in any set of number. Sanitisation was not a concept. But 2021 increases demand for shuttle services because it helps maintain proper sanitization and provide customized features for corporate humans. 

Efficient source of earning

A good businessman invests in the right opportunity at the right time. A shuttle service can help you earn more and become a brand before amazon takes up our roads.

 The payments get collected automatically through payment gateways reducing the chance of any human mistake. 

Jugnoo is a platform that provides an admin panel to track the shuttles, compare their performance, and study the insights to increase efficiency each day.

The fares are also decided as per every individual’s routes, resulting in transparency and genuine charging.

Heightened demand for corporate travel

A significant portion of clients for shuttle services would fall under the corporate industry. The official lockdown has started, and the corporate world is back into the business. 

In the year 2021, people working 9 to 5 prefer safe and comfortable travelling. They do not like waiting for public transports and getting to work late. So, a simplified formula for this problem is shuttle commuting.

People are falling for it because of its easy availability of rides, quick payments, sanitization. Customers can check pickup and drop off points in advance to plan their journey accordingly. Also, it becomes a part of the daily routine.

Easy to Operate Remotely Via dispatch software

The dispatch software takes off the working burden from the owner’s shoulders. Once the routes are fixed for each shuttle vehicle, the dispatch software automatically handles the queries. It helps to accept the ride request and even drop-offs. 

It allows the nearest vehicle to save time. Also, with the help of dispatch software, a person can operate his business remotely. The owner can keep track of all the drivers, consumers, number of rides in a day, etc.

The concentration of tourists

The flights are back in 2021, and so are our tourists. Shuttle services are a must as the tourists prefer sanitized travelling. Also, Jugnoo helps build a shuttle app with multi-language support to attend to people from across the world.

The shuttle transport can also become one tap answer for the tourist exploring a city. This system is prevalent in many other countries too.

The set routes can help them get a view of every spot of the city. 

The digital transformation

Another reason why shuttle services should fall into business is the digital revolution. Now everything is done through a few clicks on the mobile. 

Unlike the conventional method, people do not like to ask different vehicles about their route or agree to go to a particular place.  

They do not want to bargain for the same path every time they travel. 

The new generation does not carry hard cash, and they prefer making payments only through online means. 

So to beat such hurdles, it is essential to start a digital shuttle business.

Start your shuttle service business with Jugnoo

Now that we know, the idea we are planning for holds a sure shot of success. The next step is to find a suitable platform to build a customized application for your shuttle service. 

Jugnoo is the most demanded platform for such a task because of the following features it provides.

  • Jugnoo provides a wide range of payment gateways, including Razorpay, net banking, card payment, Mobile wallets, M Pesa, etc. No need to carry hard cash, but they still do provide Cash On Delivery in case of any emergency.
  • The owner, as well as the consumers, can easily track the location of the shuttle from their mobile application. Ios and android, both mobiles, can have access to the application.
  • Jugnoo overcomes the barrier of language. It can provide the application in any language that you wish. This feature can help you create a brand worldwide.
  • The consumers get to study the pickup and drop-off points of all the shutter commuters in advance. This way, they can easily plan their journey.
  • The application also provides real-time updates/ notifications regarding the ETA, ride status, etc., to both the driver and the consumer.
  • Support for both the drivers and the consumers through ticket based mechanism and in-app chat helps retain them. Solving their grievances in minimum time shall help you build better goodwill in the market.

Along with all the above features, Jugnoo provides a customized and attractive user interface. For smooth functioning, it also provides three different variants of the software. Admin panel for the owner, Driver application for the company’s hired drivers. Consumer application for people to book their ride.

Are you still confused? Don’t be.

Make the right move to grab the consumers right in time. Take the benefit of a perfect combination of hardware and software integration to make your business reach new heights in no time.

For more information, feel free to connect with us.

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