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4 Ways to use Shuttle Software Solutions in COVID-19

The term “Coronavirus” needs no introduction! The spectre of the pandemic has crippled the world’s economy in a frightening way. Keeping in mind the vulnerability of the current situation, your shuttle business requires robust shuttle software solutions.

In this write-up, we will discuss the top four preventive ways that can keep the shuttle service company unaffected by Coronavirus outbreaks. Shuttle transportation, which is host to millions of travellers, need a smart action plan to tackle the viral epidemic.

Before we move ahead, it is important to know why your shuttle service business is at the maximum risk of getting exposed to this deadly Coronavirus. 

Shuttle Service Business is at a Higher Risk Level. Why?

Here is the list of reasons that make the Shuttle service business prone to Coronavirus exposure.

Constant Contact With Multiple Passengers

The main job of the shuttle service businesses is to transport people from one place to another via optimized routes. Though this sounds like an easy task, when the world is facing the nightmare of Coronavirus, this is the toughest job. A shuttle service provider has to stay in constant contact with people from different places. This increases the probability of making transport companies in contact with the suspected cases of Coronavirus too. 

Ride Requests For Airport Transfers

If your shuttle service business operating area falls under the airport radius, you need to be extra precautious about the safety measures. As Coronavirus is spreading fast across the countries, your shuttle drivers need to be cautious with their safety and hygiene. 

To make sure that your shuttle service business revenue remains unaffected by the novel Coronavirus contagious outbreak, here are some of the preventive strategies that should be implemented at the earliest. You can choose a smart airport shuttle software that can help you to go for dispatch scheduling, route planning and fleet management via a single platform. Shuttle Software Solutions can be a great escape to minimize human contact.

Wise Preventive Measures For Your Business with Shuttle Software Solutions

Sanitize Your Shuttle After Every Ride Completion

The fight against this epidemic starts from an individual level. We have heard multiple times that precautions are better than cure. It is time to implement it. As a part of your major precautionary actions, you should practice the regular deep cleaning of your vehicle after every successful completion of a ride. 

This might sound troublesome for once but believe us, this is the only practical way to run your public transit business without impacting the revenue figures. Health experts have advised using a bleach-based cleaning solution to wipe out all the germs from your shuttle.

The extended steps to maintain the hygiene of your shuttle will make you a perfect choice of the passengers too. They can rely upon your shuttle service business without any second thought. 

Educational Offerings About Covid- 19 

To empower the world around you, education is the finest weapon. In the times, when Coronavirus has given a spark to fearmongering situations, one has to take the initiative in letting the people know about the real-time facts via cloud-based advanced features.

As a shuttle service business provider, you might get the opportunity to greet people from different areas. You can offer them precise information about the dos and don’ts. This one initiative of yours will make your potential riders connected to your shuttle service business and will help you earn a big with unaffected rides ratio. 

Equipping Drivers With Masks And Hand Sanitizers 

To make your shuttle disinfectant from any kind of germs and infections, you can ask your drivers to spray the disinfectant inside the vehicle. Moreover, as an extended safety measure, you can let your drivers be well-equipped with surgical masks and hand sanitiser.

It is advised to get a good quality face mask that is capable of layering your face even in case of exposure to any sort of germs. Sanitizing the hands with an alcohol-based sanitiser solution is another way of keeping your drivers away from this contagious disease. 

Give a work-off to a sick driver

Don’t forget to offer a day off to a driver who is not in good health. It is your prime duty to make sure that your drivers are not immunosuppressants when they are on the job. Even in the case of a normal cold and a cough, let them take adequate rest and join back their work only when they are recovered completely. 

The concluding thought

Things are moving fast with the unexpected unfolding of Coronavirus events. If you wish to keep your shuttle business sales unaffected by this impact, you need to be attentive to some of your business decisions. Taking into consideration, the above-mentioned steps can also add some relief to your shuttle service business management software. Own robust shuttle service solutions to explore the full potential of your business.

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