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Top Payment Channels Integrated With Shuttle Software

Are you planning to venture into the Shuttle business? If yes, why don’t you opt for launching it with an appropriate dispatch software? Getting a shuttle dispatch software that could empower your business operations is one smart step that can build up your shuttle business revenue in less time. But what next? In this fast-evolving competitive market, it is substantial to support consumerism and offer them an easily accessible yet swift mode of payment services.
If you wish to stand ahead of the curve and maximize your customers’ retention rate, you need to be prompt to offer diverse digital mobile wallets to your customers. The addition of top payment channels encourages more customers to avail  services with seamless payment options for their travel.

With the offering of quick payment settlement services for riders through the use of popular digital wallets, you can experience the reduction in the hassles of tendering exact change with every ride completion. 
This is why Jugnoo has integrated some of the most popular payment gateways in its dispatch software so that the maximum number of customers can avail of the shuttle services conveniently. 

Common Payment Channels Integrated With Jugnoo’s Shuttle Dispatch Software

To ensure that your customers get the convenient, swift and secure mode of payment while taking your shuttle services, the below-mentioned payment channels could be used. 
Here is the list of few of the payment channels: 


It is one of the most widely used payment channels. The automated route payments via optimal channels support a successful transaction process. This fast, simple yet secure channel allows you to accept the payments from customers via:

  1. Card
  2. Bank Account
  3. GTB 737
  4. Visa QR
  5. Mobile Money

Upcoming Additions In PayStack:

  1. mCash
  2. POS



This smart channel is compiled with PCI DSS Level 1 security. With the easy integration feature, businesses can go live with Razorpay seamlessly. Payments could be accepted via: 

  1. Domestic Credit and Debit Cards
  2. International Credit and Debit Cards
  3. Netbanking
  4. UPI
  5. Mobile Wallets 


It is one of the most preferred payment channels that allow customers to carry out their financial transactions as per their choice. It contributes to making sure that an effortless payment is initiated from customers’ end in fractions of seconds. 


Termed as one of the most convenient platforms for offering mobile money services it helps to carry the easiest and smoothest transactions with zero troubles. It offers quick transactions via the mobile app. 


This e-payment gateway channel would allow you to add payments from your customers conveniently. The built-in fraud alerts are a plus advantage that encourages to make and receive payments with zero trouble. 


Considered as one of the easiest, quickest and convenient digital payment channels. Selcom is one of the most preferred among all. This ever-evolving channel brings the chance to experience hassle-free transactions in less time.


Jugnoo is all proud to state that all the above-mentioned payment channels are smartly integrated with the shuttle dispatch software and apps, we offer to our valuable clients. This diverse collection of payment gateways will definitely give your shuttle business, an added advantage to maximize the number of rides.

If you are willing to get these channels integrated into your shuttle business, get connected to our experts today.  For more information, visit us at Jugnoo

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