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Run Your E- Transport Business Before Amazon Ruins Your Opportunity

After the E-commerce industry, Amazon is all set to acquire your roads. Yes, that’s true! Our country transport can once again be ruled by outsiders. In a situation, where we are already struggling with our fight against Uber’s Taxi Transport and here comes another big shock for us.
For the ones, who have not come across the news, Amazon is all set to launch its e- delivery rickshaws in India by 2025. It simply means that in upcoming years, we fight to sustain our nation’s transport identity on our own roads would get fiercer. However, there are so many existing players in the transport industry, but the big question arises can we compete with big players like Amazon? Are we grounded enough in e-technology to let these outsiders, not invade our transport economy once again? Do we have any action plan to make sure that our nation’s economy is not exploited by giant players like Amazon?
We are sure, many of you must not have. But certainly, we have! The fight to not let others rule our roads can be won only when we can establish our own worth in the transport industry. It might sound a little difficult, but it is not impossible, to begin with. A few of the smart decisions about getting on- board with a reliable name in the e-hailing industry can make your business goals easy to accomplish. 
Curious to know, how is it possible? Let’s have a look over the other part of the write-up that would guide you to take the best and wisest decision at the right time. 

How To Compete With Amazon’s E- delivery Rickshaw’s Plan?

The strategy to win over the competitors is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is offer a better and reliable transport platform to the riders so that they can have their trust vote for your services. 
Jugnoo is all proud to announce its Franchise model to ensure that its fellow Indians get the complete exposure of e- hailing business opportunities on their own land. With a little investment of yours at the initial stage, you can not only get a hefty ROI in less time but also can let the outside competition stay out of the race. 
Isn’t it a better way to own your business and serve your nation at the same time! The Indian economy has been invaded from time to time by others. This is so because there is much more potential in India’s transport than in any other part of the world. And this time, Amazon is trying to influence the minds of people by showing concern over the rising carbon quotient.  But the wider picture depicts that apart from the environmental concern, the hidden potential of the Indian economy is tempting these big players to dig their foot on our land. 
Ironically, we who belong to this land, are deprived of taking opportunities to business here because of one or the other reason. This is why Jugnoo has designed its Franchise model to let fellow Indians take advantage of making good money in their own place. 
Getting a Franchise is one solution to create your brand presence in the Indian market before someone else could make it. So, What are you waiting for? It is a now or never opportunity for business seekers to own a business before anyone else like Amazon take the Indian market. 

Can We Contribute To Climate Pledge Without Amazon’s E-delivery Rickshaws?

Yes, of course. Before even Amazon’s announcement, Jugnoo has already introduced the concept of e- vehicles to allow our roads to become carbon-free. 
If you are running an existing transport business or is planning to start one soon, you can get connected with Jugnoo’s team. Having a number of successful launches of e-bike software and hardware in the industry, it is easy for Jugnoo to ensure that e-delivery platforms are introduced seamlessly into your transport business. 
Climate pledge is a great initiative for India, but let this campaign be run and owned by Indians. If you have any questions, get in touch with us now!

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