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How to launch a white label shuttle service just like Uber

Shuttle services are making a remarkable comeback in the mobility industry post-pandemic. Many startups are planning to try their hands on shuttle service and check how their business can become a profitable venture in today’s new normal time. 

Launch a white label shuttle service just like Uber - Jugnoo

Talking about the same, if you are also among those enthusiasts who are wondering to get started with shuttle service businesses, it’s time for the beginning. 

There are many successful shuttle service providers in the industry that makes it commendable for other young/ fresh startups to take the inspiration and get started with the right knowledge. It might sound awkward to many but picking up a successful clone of an already well-known startup can help in igniting the best of success in a business use case. Uber is one such big name that can not only build a brand value but also can help in overcoming the struggles of laying the foundation of your business. 

Uber; the supreme player in the mobility industry. We can not deny the monopoly of uber in the transport vertical. It has built its own brand value and brand presence in the market. It is always a wiser act to launch a white label shuttle service just like uber. Here in this article, we have tried to discuss and throw some light on how you can launch a white label shuttle service just like Uber. 

Steps to launch your white label shuttle service like Uber

Launch a white label shuttle service just like Uber - Jugnoo

Here is the detailed guide/ tutorial to go ahead. 

  1. Fix the operational area

To begin with your shuttle service business, the first step is to get started with the finalising of the operational area. This will help you to understand the market and its existing requirements. This pre-research needs to be established because of multiple reasons. One among them is that it helps in making sure that your upcoming uber like app for shuttle service business has all the required features in it.

Once you have a clear picture of the requirements in the uber-like app; it would be easier for you to look out for those specific features that can help in filling the gap points. You can either go for market research or can do a smart competitive analysis of existing competitors in the market. It will help in bringing out the best in interest information about the app in the question. 

  1. Brainstorm the feature-list

As a customer-centric business provider, you need to keep a very close connection with the customers or the potential audiences. In such cases, it is very essential for your business to get connected with its audiences perfectly.

For blending the requirements with offerings, it is important for you to understand what all features must be present in the uber like app for the launch of your shuttle service business. You might need to go ahead with a couple of brainstorming sessions to come up with a fix list. Once you are ready with the list, there is no looking back.

  1. Get the assets at place

Now, when you have all the requirements list ready, the next step before the launch of the app is to get all the assets in place. For this, you might need to get the vehicles and prepare your fleet.

Depending upon your operational area; it is important to decide whether you need to go for intercity shuttle services or are up for the intra-city shuttle services too. This can be a smart decision to ensure that you are investing at the right place and at the right time. 

  1. Choose the software providers

Last but not the least, you need to keep a close eye on the best software providers in the market. It would help you to go with the advanced technology that can smartly fit in your requirement zone. 

You can go for a SaaS provider company that can blend and build the desired list of features in your Uber-like software and can help your shuttle service business to serve its audiences in the best possible way. Another benefit that you might get with experienced software providers is that they will help in easy and swift hardware and software integration.

  1. Making the entry

Once you are all set with the software and hardware integrations, you are all set to kickstart your business with less effort and huge impact. Talking about the same, when you decide to go with a famous clone – An uber-like app; it would be easier for you to establish a brand reputation in the market. It can be a smart decision that can keep the potential market connected with your services. 

Since your shuttle app would work on grounds similar to Uber; customers and drivers will find it convenient to use the app. Hence, there is no or low chance of customers bouncing from the app due to an unknown or inexperienced user interface. 

  1. Getting the insights

Last but not the least, when you choose to go for an uber-like clone, you are most likely to get detailed and frequent updates about the performance, trends and patterns to earn and scale the existing ROI. 

If you start checking those reports for good; it will help in giving you a direction to go progressive with your business ROI and scaling up. For more information regarding the data-packed reports and what all you can conclude for your business insights, you can connect with our team. The experts can help you to get the data mining strategy operationalised for your business. 

Things to keep in mind while launching Uber-like app for shuttle service business

The above 6-steps dictates how you can strategically get the best answers to your launching phase. Adding more concepts to the above discussion; here is the list of the must-to-do things while preparing for the launch.

Check them out and let us know how far you agree with these top picks.

  1. Get the app for all operating system

Make sure that when you are launching the app, it should be compatible with all the famous operating systems. This will help in widening the scope of your app. Your Uber-like app should be compatible with android and ios operating systems. This can make you stay accessible to the whole market. 

  1. Get the multi language fixation to the app

So, when you are dealing with customers, you need to deal with them in their preferred language. Ask your SaaS providers to build an Uber-like app for your shuttle service business in a way that it can support multi-lingual. 

  1. Get the digital wallets integration

Again, don’t let your customers wait for the hassles of picking up the change for every ride. We all know; customers nowadays prefer digital wallets as the payment mode. You can always get an app that has pre-integrated all these digital wallets for good. This can help in making sure that none of your customers skip to book the ride in the context of skipping the cash.

  1. Get your brand voice 

Choosing a clone to launch your shuttle service business does not mean that you need to compromise with the brand voice. If you decide to go with the white label Uber like app for your shuttle service business, you are choosing to stay closer with your brand presence. Ask our experts to brand your app with your brand voice and presence. 

Launch the app with no coding required

Launch a white label shuttle service just like Uber - Jugnoo

To get yourself out of the hassles of long waiting hours to get an app, connect your team with our business team at Jugnoo. We are a proud provider of uber-like apps for all those aspiring and inspiring businesses (shuttle services) who are looking for the right platform to get started. To know more about us, feel free to get in touch

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