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How To Start A Shuttle Service Business?

How relieving it is to be saved from the hassle of unplanned commuting every day! When you know you will be picked from your place and dropped right at the doorstep of your workplace; life gets much more sorted.

Thus, a shuttle service business holds a tremendous scope in this country where people occupy new job roles every day, especially if we consider the post-pandemic scenario.

The market is brimming with many kinds of transportation business like taxi service, charter bus service, high-end chauffeur service, and more. Like these, a shuttle bus is defined as a transportation service that functions between two fixed points daily.

Further, one can opt from amongst the various kinds of shuttle businesses, like Airport Shuttle Business, Inter-city shuttles, Private Contract Shuttles, Wedding Shuttles, etc.

Now, let us dig deeper into how you can establish a successful and profitable shuttle service:

Research Wisely to Build The Best Business Model

The first step towards establishing any transportation business is to chart out the most suitable business idea that considers all possible factors. The most effective way to do this is by carrying out extensive research about the field you have chosen. You can seek a lot of help from the internet or take useful insights from acquaintances who are already doing well in the industry. Once you have the business plan ready, you are all set to move on towards setting up your new start-up!

Shortlist The Best Areas for Shuttle Service Business

Firstly, curate a list of the most suitable areas in which you can provide your shuttle services most efficiently. Once you shortlist your target locations, make sure you get access to vehicle parking space near these locations or in the city’s middle for your shuttle vehicle. 

Since your plan should generate maximum income and reduce your shuttle’s running costs, you should be aware of the peak and lee hours of traffic in those particular areas. This way, you will be able to deploy more shuttle transportation in the rush hours and less in the lee hours.

Purchase Your Vehicles Carefully And Consciously

Once you know about the rush and lee hours of all the routes you have selected, you will learn how many vehicles you require to kickstart your shuttle services. Another big decision to make is whether to purchase the vehicles or lease them, which depends upon the money you are willing to invest in your business.

Getting a business license is another important point that should not be missed. Once, you are aware of the license requirements, you can also connect with the commercial insurance agent too. In the case of airport transportation, you need to check again with the concerned authorities.

Your Staff Speaks A Lot About Your Shuttle Business

Since your staff is almost completely responsible for your everyday shuttle services’ smooth functioning. It is imperative to hire experienced, reliable, and well-mannered staff members. Who makes it easier and more comfortable for passengers to avail themselves of your services. After all, reasonable customer satisfaction is the primary thing that will keep you in this business! As it works both ways, it is your responsibility to make your organization as employee-friendly as possible to retain the best staff. And thus offer the best services when compared with your competitors.

Delight Your Customers With The Best Offers And Packages

One of the greatest methods of customer retention in a dairy-based shuttle business. like this one is offering attractive offers, discounts, and packages frequently. Invest your energy in making plans that provide the best value to your customers. And make them stumble upon your services every time.

Reaching this stage will definitely take time, but do not stop taking the little steps that will ultimately add on. It has been observed that personalization delights customers in an unmatchable way. And it helps them embrace a unique connection with your brand. Thus, offering personalized discounts shall also give you surprising returns!

Once You Set Up Your Business, Make Sure You Do The Marketing Well

Marketing does wonders for your business, and thankfully, you can always opt for budget-friendly and economical marketing techniques to reach out to your target audience.

You can actually choose from a sea of marketing platforms, some of which are actually free to use! The most effective option is that of digital marketing. It is super easy to set up, can reach millions of people in a short amount of time. And it offers hundreds of integrated options that would otherwise add to your bill if you chose traditional marketing methods.

However, it is always in your hands to select the most suitable marketing method and further formulate great techniques.

Now That You Have The Know-How, Start With Your Own Shuttle Service Business!

From conducting extensive research to choosing the right area of service and finally having a solid plan in hand, you might catch the confusion of choosing the best platform to set up your business.

It is natural to face a lot of questions and tussle between the available options. As it is a huge decision to make while you think of starting a shuttle business.

One of the most sorted and smart integrated platforms, “Jugnoo” might be the answer to all your questions. With Jugnoo, you can think of starting an airport shuttle service or launch an intra-city Shuttle Dispatch Service with customer and driver apps, dispatch panel, advanced admin dashboard, and a super-easy interface.

At this platform, you can make it easier for your passengers to book and cancel trips. With user-friendly apps and boost your business growth with increased customer engagement and satisfaction. 

The customer app enables customers to book rides from scheduled shuttles in a few simple steps, select their preferred seats during booking, locate their boarding points using quick navigation tools, and choose multiple payment gateways for secure transactions.

On the other hand, the driver app from Jugnoo facilitates drivers to navigate seamlessly with the app. Predefine route empowers drivers with customer contact details to bridge the communication gap. Enables drivers to keep track of payments and earnings, and provides the necessary assistance using the dispatch panel.

The admin dashboard helps you discover trends and pain points in operations by analyzing present and past performance. It can manage multiple routes and shuttle at the same time via a simple platform. It also enables quick communication with drivers to provide instructions when necessary!

Start your Shuttle Service Business Today!

To know more about how to begin, feel free to connect with our team.

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