8 business podcasts you should not miss

Starting up with a business idea is a smart way to go ahead and expand your venture with growing economic opportunities. In this article, we have curated a few of the great business podcasts that you should listen to and get guidance on. It will help in building a smooth entrepreneurial journey with countable ideas to […]

5 ways to raise money for your amazing mobility startup

Raising money to keep your mobility startup business moving is an ideal way to roll your business with time. As an entrepreneur, you must be knowing how tough it could be to raise money and funds at every stage of business growth.  Apart from finding an investor, there are several other things that should be […]

Are Electric Vehicles the Future of the Mobility Industry?

Electric vehicles are becoming a recent sensation in the mobility industry. With people becoming friendly with technology, businesses are pitching EVs. The industry is facing an upward trajectory towards growth and increased reputation in the market. After the successful launch of Uber in the mobility industry, brands have inclined their reach to the on-demand verticals. […]

Government Initiatives for Driving the Future of Mobility

The definition of what a vehicle is and how we use it is changing. Automation, digital transformation, societal preferences, and environmental concerns – all are impacting how we are entering the future. The future of mobility is being redefined by an increasing wave of technology-driven megatrends. Consumer expectations are changing, and the industry is transitioning […]

Get Personalised Rider and Driver Transport Mobility Apps with Jugnoo Software

Transport mobility apps are becoming an instant hit in the market. Owing to their great ease and quick stability, they are becoming a part of the digital transport industry. With more players entering the market, it is becoming quite evident for businesses to find a suitable tech player to fit into the shoes of the […]

Using Mobility as a Service to Deliver More User-Centric and Easy Transport

Mobility as a service is a smart tech that has changed the structure of the mobility industry. With technology changing the phase rapidly, one needs to be very sure about meeting the expectations of customers. MaaS is getting popular with time and is getting sustainable with time.  In this write-up, we are going to discuss […]

Importance of Marketing Automation for Mobility Business

Mobility business: The mobility sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors post-pandemic. If you are looking to start one, there are more things to consider than just getting vehicles and drivers. Although primary in nature vehicles and drivers cant alone can’t make your business great. You need to add automation to your business in order […]

Reduce Costs by Switching to Pay As You Go Model

Heard about the “Pay as you go model”? Post-pandemic, this is going to be one of the wonderful paying models that can help your growing business to meet the dynamic shipments of the industry. To get a better overview of the topic, here is a small write-up to enlighten your thoughts in a better and […]

Everything you need to know about Micro-Mobility

Micro-mobility is a catch-all-term phrase that has managed to grasp the attention of the public sector. Post-pandemic, people are more inclined towards socializing with responsibility. Micro-mobility supports it all with a great sense of belongingness. Everyone who is a part and parcel of the mobility industry, should by now understand micro-mobility and how it is […]

How can Jugnoo Help Mobility Business Switch to the New Normal?

Are you into a mobility ecosystem and are planning to stay compatible with the new normal of the market. Here is how you can take Jugnoo’s help to make it possible. Jugnoo has a complete tech suite protocol that can help in making your transition smooth and successful. With the complete set of tech suites, […]

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