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What’s new in Jugnoo-Product Updates (May 2023)

Loving using Jugnoo? You will love it even more with these effective updates that we have got from our product team. These updates will keep you and your team informed of the latest advancements and new features in the product. 

Dive straight in! 

Dashboard Optimisation

We observed that several sections containing huge amounts of customer and driver data were causing slow loading times and delays. So, we fixed it! Now, your admin panel is optimized for a more efficient and seamless user experience.

The loading speed has been enhanced significantly and the data loads are much faster now. So, no more slowing down there!

Driver Data Security 

Data security is a big concern and this new feature of ours takes care of that! Drivers can now permanently delete their accounts in the driver app. This gives them greater control over their personal information and privacy.

Drivers can navigate to the settings section of the app, where they will find a dedicated account deletion feature. After selecting this option, they can follow a simple and straightforward process to delete their account. 

On initiating the process, drivers will be prompted to confirm their decision and will also be provided with information about the consequences of deleting their account. This ensures drivers fully understand the implications before proceeding.

Here’s more power to the drivers! 

New feature to delete a driver account

Quick Implementation of SMS Gateways 

We have made significant improvements in the process of implementing a new SMS gateway within the Generic category. Compared to using SMS gateways SDKs, this method offers notable advantages in terms of reducing time complexity.

The initial phase involves conducting feasibility checks, ensuring that the chosen gateway aligns with the system requirements and capabilities. This assessment helps to determine whether the gateway can be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure. 

Compatibility Check

Here’s another good news. Our Android application has undergone updates to ensure compatibility with Target API level 33. Our app is now fully prepared to leverage all the functionalities offered by this API version. 

We are dedicated to enhancing the overall user experience for our Android users. The new features and improvements provided by Target API level 33 will enable us to deliver you an enjoyable experience. 

Furthermore, this update will contribute to making our app more secure and reliable. The API version 33 includes various security enhancements, which will help safeguard  users’ data and protect them from potential vulnerabilities.


At Jugnoo, we aim to deliver a secure, high-performing, and user-friendly application that exceeds expectations. 

And most importantly, keep our customers happy! 

That’s all for this month. We will see you next month with new updates on the block! 

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