How to 10x your Business with the Car Rental Software

Sharing economy is a great business idea that is going to become one of the most prospering growth verticals in the coming times. Given the technology evolution, it could be said that the concept of peer-to-peer car-rental services is going to be a motivated business idea for many startups and entrepreneurs. Have you wondered how […]

Bicycle Rentals: Changing the way to commute

Post 2020, there is a 360-degree shift in the customer behaviour and pattern while choosing public transport. The rental business has been proven to be one of the emerging mobility business ideas that have shaped the market in a better way.  Before we move forward, let us understand a typical bike rental business and how […]

How to make your Radio taxi business future-ready?

A surge in the on-demand taxi business has widened the scope of the radio taxi business in the market. Admittedly, if you choose to grow your business with the right technology, you will face the least bottlenecks.   In this write-up, we have crafted smart ways via which you can smartly make your existing or […]

Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Taxi Business

A successful taxi business is no longer a dream. A concrete action plan, handful of assets and smart software integration – is all that you need to make your taxi business a competitive name in the market. Though while you plan to run a taxi business, there might be certain concerns that need to be […]

Dynamics of Rental Bike System with EVs

The earliest records of car hire or any other vehicle hiring are back in 1900. Since then, a lot has changed and is evolving with time. In this write-up, we are going to discuss those transformations and how they are going to impact the mobility sector in the coming times.  Way back then, an individual […]

Micromobility and Multimodal transport- How far it can go?

Micromobility is solving transportation problems in urban spaces and cities. As different societies take steps towards micromobility it is becoming the need of the hour, also general masses leaning more towards greener solutions.  Micromobility Advantages of Micromobility Future Multimodal Transport Advantages of Multimodal Transport Future Conclusion Micromobility Micromobility technology is a category of lightweight transportation […]

The Best Car Rental Software of 2021 – Jugnoo

Half of 2021 has been passed and people are excited to evaluate and enjoy the underlying opportunities of a business in today’s era. The car rental business was merely a business idea with no visibility. But ever since the pandemic happened, things are falling in place. The car rental software has gained popularity in a […]

How to launch your own bike rental platform with Jugnoo?

Choosing a business plan where you can earn as soon as you set up the processes has become the need of the competition. Speaking up specifically about the mobility industry, the trends are drastically shifted from traditional ways to the on-demand scenario.  Steps to launch your bike rental platform with Jugnoo! Know  your area Do […]

Benefits of an automated bike rental system

An automated bike rental system is one of the most prospering and growing micro-mobility business ideas that has spiked its popularity in a few years. With the rise of urbanization to unprecedented levels, people are open to exploring different channels of travel. Choosing away a bike rental as a mode of travel is one among […]

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