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Must-have Features In Your Bike Rental Software!

Are you an established entrepreneur who is running a bike rental business or is in the process of setting up a bike rental business?  From choosing the hardware aspects of bikes to getting sure about the optimization of your upcoming rentals, we have covered it all for you via a fully- functional and exceptional bike rental software.
The exclusive features of a bike rental software make it possible for business owners to take charge of the existing processes and get the best opportunity to synchronize their bike rentals in a prompt way.
Before making the big purchase of bike rental software, here are a few essential aspects that one should keep in check to optimize the benefits.

Better Customer Interface

As a business owner, you need to be very specific with your client handling. A better user interface could help in escalating your business connects and creating room for a greater ROI. This could be done effortlessly with the help of customized bike rental apps. It enables in increasing the functionality for various devices, attracting a larger audience to the businesses.

Seamless Bike Booking
A user-friendly customer interface keeps the customers engaged and draws in promising potentials too. A bike rental software that duly supports a quick and jiffy bike booking could be appreciated much by your customers and would be able to bring consistency in adding ease and comfort in initiating the bookings.

Bluetooth Integrated Locking System

An efficient bike rental software must facilitate a key-free bike locking and unlocking system via the customer’s app. This further extends the security parameters for your bike. The in-built Bluetooth app security system will give you a chance to please your customers with a key- free ride experience as well as gives you a tight assurance about the safety of your bike.

In order to delight your customers with a fabulous bike booking experience, it is highly advised to go for an end-to-end integrated bike rental solution that has key-free bike lock/unlock capabilities.

Multiple Payment Options

It’s time to offer your customer the 360-degree freedom to choose their preferred payment portals to pay for their ride. An exclusive feature that makes a bike rental software stand out is its flexibility to stay integrated with multiple payment gateways so that none of your customers struggle to move out of their comfort to pay. Always opt for a system that provides open & secure APIs for reliable third-party integrations.

The Anti-Theft Feature

If you are worried about the security of your bike assets, it’s high time; you should opt for a bike rental software that gives you the extra assurance from these unwanted events. Advanced bike rental software these days are equipped with an in-app Bluetooth enabled security system.

It enables the enhanced security of the bike, even when it is stationary. GPS tracking and GPS alarm offer real-time support to business owners with regard to location tracking of the bike and its safety. Hence, with the latest version of the software, you could stay sure about the safety and security of your bikes, even when not in use.

Real-time Location Tracking

Bike Rental Software is often accompanied by a real-time tracking feature that offers the opportunity to keep an eye over the live location and route of the bikes. This enables business owners such as you to get a bird’s eye view of the overall bike assets, know which ones are booked and which ones are idle. The business owners usually get access to the admin panel to track live location metrics for their fleet. Thus, you can have complete information about the bike’s location, sitting remotely too.

Adjustable Fare Settings

No matter how big or small your fleet size is, if you wish to give your business a boost, you need to introduce dynamic pricing to get the best price for your rentals. This could be done more precisely with the smart optimization of the flexible pricing feature that helps you to get an idea about the high demand locations and surge pricing. All these factors together contribute to fix and shift the fares as per the real-time demands. 

The above- mentioned bike rental software features are the basic necessities for an on-demand bike rental software solution.  It will give you the edge to win over the common hurdles and bring out the best version of your business in the market.
Looking for an automated and efficient bike rental software solution to take your business online? Please feel free to connect with our experts at Jugnoo and book your free demo today!

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