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Everything you need to know about Micro-Mobility

Micro-mobility is a catch-all-term phrase that has managed to grasp the attention of the public sector. Post-pandemic, people are more inclined towards socializing with responsibility. Micro-mobility supports it all with a great sense of belongingness. Everyone who is a part and parcel of the mobility industry, should by now understand micro-mobility and how it is different from others. 

Everything you need to know about micro-mobility - Jugnoo

In this write-up, we are going to discuss in detail what micro-mobility is and what all can be expected in the upcoming future. This article will also cover some peculiar points about how micro-mobility can be foreseen as a smart future of the mobility industry. 

Before we begin, let us talk about what micro-mobility is all about!

What is Micro-mobility?

It explains the several modes of transportation that are connected to make mobility as a service feasible and accessible to all. The several modes of transportation known as bike-share systems, electric bikes, and electric scooters are altogether called an integral part of the micro-mobility system. These modes have distinctive features that highlight the chances of increased flexibility in the routes, giving the access spurred to the advent related to the connected devices.

Hence, it can be one of the most advanced and comfortable modes of mobility as it is now. 

Salient features of micro-mobility 

People often confuse micro mobility with other modes of mobility. Here is what you all need to know about micro-mobility and its distinctive features. 

Freedom to choose the vehicles 

The best part of micro-mobility is that it offers a wider range of flexibility and freedom to the users. The customers have a range of options to go ahead with. As per their need and the suitability of the area, they can go ahead with the choice and freedom of getting the desired mode of the vehicle. In this customer-centric world, it is important to keep yourself fit into the shoes of your customers. This is why it is said that micro-mobility is going to be the present and future of the mobility market. 

Sustainability is no longer a luxury

To stay connected to a point, sustainability is the key to staying and slaying in the market. E-scooters, e-bikes, or the traditional bicycles – anything that is an integral part of low-emission transport solutions comes with a benefit. 

If you are looking for a sustainable and bright future, it is important to opt for e-vehicles. They are going to help and play an integral part in ensuring the cut or removal of harmful greenhouse gases.

As per the experts, there will be 20% less pollution and gas emission, when it comes to staying connected by micro-mobility mode of transport in the mobility industry. 

Looking at the current scenario, it can be seen that micro-mobility has become the need of the hour and time. 

Improve the access 

Again, when we are talking about adding comfort to your customers, we are talking about the additional access to your services. We all are very much aware of the first mile and last mile problems that often come into the picture when we talk about public transport.

Everything you need to know about micro-mobility - Jugnoo

If you have been into public transport, you must be aware of intermittent mobility services. You can not rely on these intermittent services for a longer period of time.

Talking about the concept of micro-mobility, we will be focusing on bike-sharing, bicycle sharing, and more. This will help in adding more access to the public services; giving a sense of comfort in fulfilling the first mile as well as last-mile services as a whole.

Enhances the social responsibility

Though we have moved out from the threat of pandemics, we still need to stay responsible to avoid further outbreaks. The risk and the threat get doubled when we deal in public. To make sure you are not a carrier or being connected with a carrier, it is important to stay socially responsible. 

Micro mobility is found to be talking about socializing with people but with an enhanced responsibility. Traditionally, people talk about socially getting connected through micro-mobility. 

Supports the minimal lifestyle 

Lastly, another big point that is well supported by the concept of micro-mobility is making a minimal lifestyle for all. We all know people are now being influenced and agreed on the concept of a minimal lifestyle. If you look at the concept of micro-mobility and its detailed functionality, you will understand how closely it supports the concept of minimal lifestyle. With all the desired and required vehicles in one place, you can follow a minimal lifestyle and still could bring comfort to your travel plans. 

Moving ahead, do you know what all different types of micro-mobility are? This section will fill in the details about the different types of vehicles that are a part of micro-mobility in total. 

Types of Micro mobility 

Though there is a huge spike in the count of micro-mobility vehicles, here is a list of types of vehicles that can be a part of micro-mobility.

Everything you need to know about micro-mobility - Jugnoo
Everything you need to know about micro-mobility - Jugnoo
Everything you need to know about micro-mobility - Jugnoo

Among these, bicycles and e-bikes are getting a huge response as compared to others. The primary reason is because of its huge familiarity with the people. People find it easier to drive and ride. 

Apart from the vehicle distribution, micro-mobility could also be classified based upon the type of fleet. You can get it divided based on the fleet size and station.

If you already run any of the above-mentioned mobility solutions, you are an integral part of micro-mobility solutions. You can also think about expanding your services, choose any of the above parts, and get started in no time

What is the future of micro-mobility?

With a slow return to micro-mobility, there are chances that people will embrace the idea with great enthusiasm. There is going to be a bright future about the same.

As per the latest behavior of customers, we can state that in the coming times, micro-mobility is going to be the next big thing. If you are into the mobility business and are planning to be an integral part of better sustainability, think about micro-mobility

Jugnoo shaping micro-mobility

There have been many debates about micro-mobility utility and how it is going to shape the future of the mobility industry. In all the discussions, the need to get hold of the right tech partner is quite evident. If you have been looking for some reliable options in the market, choosing Jugnoo as your integral tech partner could be a smart decision. 

Everything you need to know about micro-mobility - Jugnoo

The team offers a complete tech suite to make your journey stable and comfortable in the market. To get a complete brief about how Jugnoo can contribute to making your journey smooth and reliable while sailing into the concept of micro-mobility vertical, feel free to go for a demo consultation

Jugnoo is proud to be one of the progressive names in the market, helping businesses to attain and retain a smart position in the market. To get a better idea about our services and our offerings, you can check our resources section

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