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Yamaha Motors Invests in a Bike Rental Platform. Your Business can be the Next.

With life moving back to normal, people are starting to invest back in the mobility industry. People are ready to take that leap of faith and re-fuel their mobility journey. Talking in inches about the same, here is one more piece of news that sparks the presence of opportunities in the market. Have you heard about the news of Yamaha motors investing in a bike rental platform – Royal Brothers?

Jugnoo bike rental platform

Yamaha is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in the mobility vertical. It made an undisclosed investment through its Moto Business Service India (MBSI) subsidiary, a mobility solutions firm founded in March 2021. In 2019, angel investors contributed to the company’s primary rounds, transforming it from a bootstrapped to a funded venture with offices in Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, and Telangana.

Yamaha Motor recently announced its debut into two-wheeler asset management services with the launch of MBSI, which would provide services to Indian tech startups in the shared mobility industry. MBSI aspires to promote the use of automobiles on shared/rental platforms, create jobs, and contribute to the improvement of people’s quality of life in India. MBSI will also purchase new two-wheelers and rent them out on platforms like Royal Brothers in exchange for a revenue share. Individuals and delivery executives rent these cars at an inexpensive monthly lease rate, ensuring consistent income and advancing the aim of job creation. MBSI will also look into the possibility of collaborating with last-mile delivery platformers, particularly those interested in implementing EV 2W/3W.

This clearly indicates that smart players are ready to take the chance and hit the jackpot. If they can do it, you can do it too!

What is a bike rental platform?

For those, who are not sure about investing in it, let us start from the basics. What is a bike rental platform is a smart question that you might wonder. Bike rentals are in high demand all around the world, and a bike rental platform connects bike owners with customers who are looking for a used bike. To start with an online bike rental marketplace, all you have to do is pick a bike type, buy a fleet, and start renting them out.

Jugnoo bike rental platform

But, after all, no business can function without obstacles, right? As a result, Jugnoo provides a cost-effective option for rental owners to address these challenges.

If you are looking for a smart bike rental platform that is worthy of any sort of investment, feel free to connect with our team at Jugnoo. Happy to help!

You can also click here to read more about the bike rental platform and its essential features to make your business grow and expand quickly in no time. 

Why it is ideal to invest in a bike rental platform?

Since we are talking about the bike rental platform and how it can help in getting better streams to generate more ROI, we need to go through all the possible benefits that can yield the required results in no time. 

Yamaha is one of the renowned names in the market known to make some wiser decisions and investments so far. Experts believe that this is again going to be a fruitful deal where Yamaha is supposed to disclose the hidden potential of bike mobility business ideas. Looking at the demographic choices and specific preferences of people, this could be inferred that it is quite easy to get hold of the market in no time. Indeed, this is going to be one of the smart choices and decisions that will yield better results. 

Pros of choosing a bike rental platform 

Go through the list and let us know which one is better! We are sure you will never regret your decision of putting trust in a bike rental platform for advancing your mobility business. 

Automates the process

When we are into any of the mobility businesses, we are mostly occupied with the processes. Most businesses are concerned about handling and strategizing the processes. However, if you choose to go ahead with the bike rental platform, you are choosing to keep your bike business well acquainted with the time and the resources. Pro automation plays an integral part in allowing your business to channel and optimize the complete process.

Jugnoo bike rental software can help provide your customers with the ease and convenience to book a bike by facilitating automated Bluetooth-integrated locking and unlocking via an intuitive customer app.

Digitize the processes

Going forward, if you choose to put your investment into a bike rental platform, you are choosing to make it easier to digitalize and optimize the processes. As we mentioned in the above point, once the processes become digitalized, there is no room for any extra manual intervention. It helps in putting your business in auto-mode and making a better deal out of it.

Customers are accustomed to receiving information quickly and easily in today’s digital world. It’s simply too much work to call bike rental companies to enquire about bike availability and wait for employees to check through records. What online rental software has to offer is a way to streamline the entire renting process with features like POS and accounting integrations, all while providing the best user experience possible. The rental software allows you to set up an online booking system that updates inventory and prices in real-time.

Using the online rental software to keep up-to-date records of your fleet of bicycles equips you with crucial information about the status of your bikes – you know exactly where a bike is, who has it, when it’s due back, and if it needs repairs. This makes managing equipment and scheduling rentals a faster and more efficient process. Customers can also use the online web-store to check up available bikes and reserve them without having to worry about scheduling conflicts or delays. As a result, online rental software ensures that a customer’s first engagement with your rental company is simple and efficient.

Jugnoo’s bike rental platform is known to digitize and automate the processes for all. 

Cuts down the expenses

Since your mobility business will be more sorted with the digitalization aspect, there are many ways via which you can cut down the extra expenses. This smart deal will serve as a dual benefit. You can easily think of starting off with your bike rental platform with minimal investment and can expect to bring the most potential to your business by getting a better ROI for your business. The digitization will also contribute to ensuring that you stay optimal with the resources and the less manual intervention will support in yielding benefits without worrying much about the expenses. 

Brings the insights 

Another big benefit that comes on your way when you choose to stay connected with a bike rental platform is that you can ask for inside insights easily. There are many chances where businesses lack to meet the end-to-end needs of the operations because of one or the other reasons. If you have a detailed insight into how your business can perform better in a particular area with specific efforts, you can save much in terms of money and effort. Hence, bringing the insights helps in adding the value and expansion plan for your existing business. Willing to know more about the reports and how to analyze them?

Hence, all the above-mentioned points easily explain why your business needs a bike rental platform. Since this is an additional investment and many might feel apprehend to go ahead with the decision, we are here to help you!

Jugnoo and its features 

Jugnoo has a smart and power-packed bike rental platform, loaded with all the required features in one place. You can anytime talk to our experts and get their expertise involved in making an informed decision. Here is the list of features that Jugnoo’s bike rental platform has!

Customize the way you want!

Every business is different, so is their need. In Jugnoo’s bike rental platform you can choose to customize and bring your business special features highlighted in the platform. The customization and highlighting of the features can help in making sure that your business does pretty well in terms of building a brand and creating the much-required hype on the competition. This is a smart way to cut the edge from the competition and stay connected to your potential audiences.

Get white labeling to your app

It’s always good and ideal to keep your brand identity intact. If you choose to stay connected with Jugnoo’s bike rental platform, it will be quite easy to get complete white labeling of your app. This helps in making sure that despite many competitive brands in the market, you are able to establish your distinguished presence in the market. Also, it helps in resonating your brand presence. 

Seamless hardware integration

Last but not the least, the unique and feature-loaded bike rental platform powered by Jugnoo is known to offer seamless and easy to configure hardware integration. The extended flexibility to keep your software and hardware makes it super easy for any kind of business to scale and expand as it grows in terms of database and ROI.

Quick to launch

So, as you decide to go ahead with the bike rental platform, there is no need to keep waiting to get the tech suite. Jugnoo is known to offer a quick escalation in the same. The fully customizable and white-labeled bike rental platform can easily be configured and integrated into your traditional bike rental business in no time.

Wrapping Up

The bike rental platform is indeed a smart choice to stay connected with tech and growth for your business. As the mobility industry is growing and people are ready to move out of their comfort, there is going to be a huge demand in the bike rental business. 

If you are willing to make it big in the market, now is the right time. Choose Jugnoo’s bike rental platform to make it happen.

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