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Unlocking Rental Bikes Via App- An Illusion Or Reality?

Ready for next-generation rental bike-unlocking features that can drive maximum satisfactory experience from your loyal customers? Get the chance to own a mobile-based bike sharing solution from the experienced and technology-oriented innovators at Jugnoo by opting for one of the most- preferred bike rental software, available in the market. 
Wondering, how it could be worthwhile for your bike rental business? The appealing advantages would extend from letting you decrease your operational costs to reducing your business manpower requirements in no time. If these benefits excite you to think about getting a reliable bike rental software, then there is another surprise waiting for you! Bid farewell to the hassles of maintaining and optimizing the inventory of bike keys and free your customers from hassles of picking and then dropping off the keys, after every ride. 
Kickstart your bike rental business with the wise decision of choosing the in-app Bluetooth lock system and get the best use of technology to your business. 

What is In-App Bluetooth Enabled Locking System?

It is a smart feature that enables a user to lock and unlock the bike through the mobile app by simply scanning the code. The introduction of the GPRS and BLE technology supports the efficient and prompt unlocking of the bike. It enables smooth locking and unlocking of the bike with a simple scan via the app. 

How It Works?

There is a smart integration of the hardware and software in your bike, that allows your customers to simply scan the code and get the locking and unlocking of the bike through the mobile app.
The protocol behind the self- assisted locking and unlocking of the bike complements the process of scanning the code through the app and offering the user a quick response to initiate and close the ride as per his requirements.
These simple steps can be followed to use this feature, even by first-time users.

a. Download App And Log In

To begin with, a customer needs to download the app on his device. With multiple user interfaces currently available in the market, it is better to opt for a bike rental software that could be accessed on any of the devices. Jugnoo holds the privilege of offering the bike rental software that can stay compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. 

b. Book A Bike

While booking a bike, the current location of the customer will be automatically fetched by the app. This will allow us to match your customers with the nearest bike stand. The customer could now enter the desired destination for the ride and book the bike.

c. Scanning The QR Code And Unlocking The Bike

As soon as the customer reaches the bike, he has to scan the QR code and the bike lock will automatically get unlocked instantly. Hence, you are allowing your customers to save their time in getting the keys from the counter to unlock the bike. Needless to mention the manpower costs you’ll be saving on if you had to man every bike parking location.

d. Locking the bike at the end of the ride

Improving the overall experience of the riders, the Bluetooth lock allows them to lock the bike through the app, after the successful completion of the ride.

Hence, in no time and zero troubles, the bike could be self-locked and unlocked via app making the bike rental process delightfully convenient for customers. Similarly, as a bike rental business owner, you can also stay away from the hassles of keeping a check over the keys of every bike, before and after the completion of the ride. 

How It Helps?

There are many benefits that explain why you should opt for Jugnoo’s end-to-end bike rental software and should introduce the key- free unlocking of bikes to your valuable customers. 

a. Saves Yours And Customers Time

When you choose to opt for bike rental software from Jugnoo that supports the key-free unlocking and locking of the bikes,  you can expect the chances to save more of your customers’ time. This will help in bringing more bookings to your bike rental business.

b. Creates Customer Delight

As soon as you get the bike rental software from Jugnoo, you can refrain yourself as well as your customers from the hassles of taking and then returning key after every bike ride completion. This could overall contribute to bringing a better customer experience for your bike rental business and you could get more referral bookings too.

c. Real-Time Bike Location Tracking

The Bluetooth locks are well-equipped and are designed in a way that apart from the key-free unlocking feature, they also support real-time tracking of bike location. They help in getting accurate information about the bike’s whereabouts. Thus, adding more proficiency to bike rental operations. 

d. Say No To Low Battery Life

This exclusive feature gives the upper hand advantage of sorting the trouble of high consumption of power and offers a good battery life. This, in the long run, would allow getting triggered alerts in case the bike is removed from the designated area. There are many of the Bluetooth locks available in the market that have a battery of around or more than  10,000 mAh. This simply means you can expect to get the 45 days of continuous working of the locks, without any signs of low battery. 

So, are you all set to begin your digital journey of bike rental business by starting with a powerful and customer-centric app that could support the self- assisted Bluetooth locking and unlocking? We suggest you get the prompt hardware-software integration from experts at Jugnoo so that you can avoid the integration challenges later. 
It is a smart decision to refrain yourself from getting connected with multiple vendors and get all your bike rental business requirements addressed under one roof. 
Confused, from where to begin? Listen to the experts from the field. Don’t miss the opportunity to impress your customers. You can choose our Bikes as well, to effortlessly get a perfect combination of hardware and software integration and give your business new heights to accomplish.
Book a free demo of the end-to-end solution for all your bike rental business needs with us. To check out our bike rental app, visit us today at Jugnoo.

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