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End-to-end solutions: 5 Ways How Supported Hardware Brings Out the Best In Your Bike Rental

In simple terms, micromobility refers to the freedom of traveling small distances. Statistically smaller distances are easily covered using smaller vehicles. Hence it comes as no surprise that Bike rental is among the most prominent services that facilitate micromobility. 
In cities, with the ever-increasing traffic congestion making daily commute unbearable, residents are seeking alternative ways of transport. E-bikes and E-scooters provide a refreshing change from the monotonous lifestyle and are already trending worldwide with over 100 million users in 2018. Interestingly, the current trends show micromobility services are growing at a faster pace than even car-sharing and ride-hailing services. 
This growing popularity, coupled with its other features such as the affordability and eco-friendly nature makes bike rental a very lucrative business to venture into. Starting a bike rental service may seem like a daunting task at first glance. But, for all aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide, integrated solutions such as Jugnoo’s bike rental business suite makes it possible to launch your bike rental service in just a week or so. Let’s take a look at how the supported hardware offered by Jugnoo and the integrated software solution can make your lives easier as a business owner.

Safety First

The key to customer satisfaction is offering them convenience and catering to their needs. Often the slightest changes in the service being offered can create a world of difference from the perspective of a customer. 
One concern prevalent among several customers is the safety of the bike. They do not wish to be involved in any further hassle or waste their precious time in case of theft of the bike or if any similar misfortunate incident occurs. Here’s where Jugnoo’s supported hardware makes a mark.
With Jugnoo’s end-to-end solution, you receive an anti-theft lock that ensures the security of the bikes. Your customers can now rest easy without worrying about the rented bikes. The GPS positioning feature imbibed in the lock also helps you locate the bike easily and enables real-time tracking. Additionally, the lock is also equipped with geofence alarm always ready to raise caution in case of any suspicious activity. 

Improved Convenience 

Customers require a quick solution to their problems. They prefer to cut down on unnecessary communication and consider self-service the best option. Jugnoo’s zero-touch solution easily facilitates this with simple yet effective features that allow your users to book a ride, navigate to the nearest bike and begin ride easily via its in-app bike unlock feature. This user-oriented feature applies Bluetooth technology to unlock the bike, making the booking process hassle-free and convenient with the integrated anti-theft lock and customer app.

Proven Quality & Durability

With the rising popularity of micromobilty, the market is flooded with more and more bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters often leading business owners into a dilemma about the best choice for their business. With Jugnoo’s end-to-end solution, owners suddenly have a wide variety of models to choose from without worrying about the quality of the bikes.
As part of the supported hardware Jugnoo provides the best quality E-bikes & E-scooter proven to last long and equipped with popular high-end features. Jugnoo has partnered with acclaimed brands such as Freego, Inmotion, and E Swing to offer peerless quality and performance to its users.

Catering To Customer Needs

While being assured of the quality, it is also equally important to provide the bikes/scooters that would be apt for the various audience segments you’re targeting. 
E-bikes such as Zadd and E Swing ES are lightweight and hence easy to carry. While some of the other E-scooters Jugnoo offers such as YHZ CityChoco and Freego F3 allow users to carry heavier loads and travel more distance. This wide variety of assorted models allow business owners to conduct proper market research and cater directly to the needs of their targeted customer segment by choosing the right model.

Quick Launch of Service

While beginning a new bike rental service, business owners struggle to integrate different parts of their business, developed by different parties. and make sense of it all. This can be a tedious process where the owners often stumble while trying to connect the dots the right way. With an end-to-end solution, where the software and hardware components are already integrated. With Jugnoo, the business owner can receive the complete business suite within a week and launch the service right away. 

Micromobility services are changing the world, making small trips quick, cheap and fun again. With more entrepreneurs entering the segment, supported hardware can easily place your service in a class of its own with the difference in the quality offered. Improved security, convenience, and ease-of-use will pull in more customers helping you expand the customer base and maintain loyalty to the superior service. With the bike rental segment growing exponentially, early entry and Jugnoo’s end-to-end solution can help you gain a strong foothold in the market and make excellent returns.
Curious to learn more about Jugnoo’s bike rental business suite? Get in touch with our product consultants and get a free demo today!

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