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How Jugnoo Bike Rental Management Software Facilitates Better Customer Experience?

Customers are the real game-changers who can let your business rise or fall within a fraction of time. Their support matters the most when you are running a business in this competitive world. This is why it is substantial to choose the best bike rental software to connect and delight your customers so that they keep coming back to your brand.
Jugnoo holds the extreme pride in announcing that with the honest and realistic efforts of the professionals involved, the bike rental management software offered, is the best of its own kind. 
If you are willing to establish an impressive reputation for your bike rental business in the market, it is obvious for you to be sure about the feedback and reviews of the customers. This could be done easily when you choose to integrate your business with one of the best bike rental software available in the market. 

Top features that make Jugnoo’s bike rental management software stand out in the competition: 


1) Prompt Bookings

Our software allows the process of booking to be carried out smoothly and conveniently. The software is designed with a close perspective of letting every customer get a chance to quickly book the bike. This can help even the first- time users to hassle-free take your services without much assistance. The handiness of the software plays an important role in winning the hearts of the customers. 

2) Trouble-Free Ride Tracking

Another aspect that can make your customers experience a worthy experience is that our premium bike rental management software helps in easy and transparent tracking of the ride with a well- supported navigation feature. It gives them the confidence to your customers to put their trust in your app and enjoy the ride without any worry. The easier access and precise navigation to the bike location is one of the USPs. 

3)Convenient Payments

In this era of digital payment, it is important for your business to stay compatible and accessible to diverse payment options. We at Jugnoo give you the extreme flexibility to stay integrated with the most preferable payment channels and let your customers experience the freedom of carrying out the seamless payments with every booking they made. This will definitely help you in bringing more revenue to your business along with more positive feedback from the users. 

4)Self-assisted Bluetooth lock

Our bike rental management software is optimized and designed in a way that it promotes the easy and self facilitation of locking and unlocking of the bike with the help of Bluetooth. This gives the wide opportunity to the users to easily carry out the bookings as per their desired time. With the help of Bluetooth locking and unlocking feature, it would be comfortable for the riders to get their bookings done with the use of customer app. The added safety and security features in the bike through smart lock will help in tracking the GPS location of the device precisely. We believe in offering complete freedom to your customers while handling the bike and to achieve the same, we have promoted this feature of self-locking and unlocking of the bike through Bluetooth, integrated smartly with the hardware too. Geofencing alarm in case of any unexpected external response is also added to make the security parameters more grounded and reliable. 

5)Dynamic Pricing

Keeping the transparency in the pricing module of your business and making it easy and convenient for the customers to know about it in advance, we have added the unbeatable and most- talked about feature of dynamic pricing in the software. This adds more clarity and convenience to the users, about the pricing charges at the initial stages. Thus, it contributes largely to attaining good feedback from the customers. 

6)Enhanced Customer Engagement

 Our software enables the push notifications and alerts to your customers’ screen frequently. This gesture of offering continuous information to the customers from time to time would definitely encourage and accelerate the maximum of user engagement. This can serve in bringing your customers close to your business and help you to stay in the eyes of your prosperous leads for a longer time. 
All these impeccable features contributed to making us deliver one of the best bike rental software in the market. You can experience a better user interface with the association of our customized and integrated software. 
Are you planning to beat the competition and stay progressive in terms of revenue to your bike rental business? If yes, then this is the right time to fix a quick briefing with our experts at Jugnoo and get a detailed insight into how far you can take your business success with us! For more information, visit our site jugnootaxi.staging.wpengine.com  or call us.

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