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5 Reasons Why Uber For Bikes Is Trending

After the immense success of taxi-hailing & car-sharing apps, now the trend is moving towards the bike-sharing segment. The global market size of bike-sharing is expected to reach $5440 million by 2024, from $1570 million in 2019. E-Bikes have been admired as an eco-friendly and safe mode of transportation for last-mile commute options.
Services like “Uber for bikes” rent out bikes for users. These bikes can be accessed from any public space. Customers can use the real-time tracking feature to locate a nearby bike, and can similarly leave the bike after locking it at any public location. Such convenient features have led to the newly-introduced Bike-sharing services gaining instant attention of the crowd, who are enthusiastic about the ease and affordability it offers.
Let’s take a quick look at the core reasons why Uber For Bikes is trending.

1)Profitable Business Model:

The bikes and scooters run on electricity and have no fuel consumption. This helps in reducing operating costs and thereby leads to greater margins for business owners. Since the bike-rental is a relatively new industry, the initial entrants can generate higher commissions with a low capital outflow and can scale globally reaping the vertical benefits of consumer awareness. The consumer traction is driven by its rising popularity and the ride-sharing industry is expected to grow exponentially, bringing in huge dividends for business owners.

2)Ease Of Use:

One significant reason for the popularity of bike-sharing mobile apps is ease-of-use it provides the user. Users can easily book the bike with one click and check the availability of the bike in a nearby location. Users can also simply scan the QR code to unlock a bike and begin the ride without any hassle. Once the ride is over, the user can pay easily using the preferred method and can provide the feedback with the customer app. Jugnoo bike rental app also provides you with more cutting edge innovations to ensure the safety and security of your users with features such as Smart Lock (included in supported hardware) equipped with GPS positioning and Geofence alarm.

3)Cheaper Commute:

Bike-sharing is a very economical mode of transportation. Compared to traditional modes like taxis and tuk-tuks, bikes are available for much cheaper rates for the commute. Moreover, bikes need very little space for parking and most of them are either battery operated or people merely use their physical strength to move ahead.

4)Beat The Traffic Congestion:

Cities are becoming more congested and several cities are struggling with the menace of pollution due to a large number of cars on the road. You can stay ahead of the traffic by just paddling your way when others are stuck with their cars, taxis and public transport. Bike-sharing is the best way to counter the hectic traffic of cities. Apart from traffic congestion, users can move towards a healthier lifestyle with the help of services like bike-sharing.


Research shows how urban and suburban residents are slowly moving towards greener modes of transportation. E-bikes and new bike-sharing programs have accelerated this trend. Bikes are the eco-friendliest mode of transportation that doesn’t consume natural resources like diesel or petrol and creates zero footprints on the environment. According to the Environment Protection Agency(EPA), motor vehicles collectively cause 75 percent of carbon monoxide pollution. This has a huge range of negative impacts, including human health, damage to ecosystems, food crops and the built environment. Services like E-bikes, Bike-sharing, scooters can make a great contribution to cutting down such urban pollution.
The transportation landscape is evolving slowly and steadily with more and more users flocking towards bike-sharing and other micromobility means for their daily commute. Bike-sharing apps are capturing the market with cost-effective and environment-friendly solutions and have emerged as one of the best business ventures to start in current times.

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