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Mobility Business Ideas to begin in 2022

 A smart business idea serves as an entryway to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. 2020 has been a tough yet opportunistic time to analyse and strategise a good business plan

Living patterns and hygiene standards hold a new definition in life. People have adopted a new and safe pattern of travelling. These adaptations have laid the foundation of bringing new mobility business ideas to think of. The preference for on-demand rides over traditional ways of finding the rides has taken over the market.

Here is a list of exclusive mobility business ideas, you can start without putting much investment. 

Taxi Business- Jugnoo

On-demand Taxi Business

Taxi business is one of the safest mobility business ideas that will never lose its charm. An on-demand taxi business is the digitalization of a traditional taxi business where instead of finding your customers on the road, you can find their exact location via an app. Customers too can book your services at their convenience through their version of the app

In simpler words, you can do your business in the areas where there is high demand. Customers can opt for online booking of your taxi and you can reach them through a smart taxi app

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Ambulance- Medical Transportation Business

Medical Transportation Business

The medical transport system is the need of the hour. In this era, danger to lives are more and the right number of ambulances to serve the purpose is low. 

A consumer can book an ambulance from just an application on their mobile. This application also provides the live location of the ambulance for the consumer to track it. 

Also, through a digital system, the ambulances could be allotted automatically with robust dispatch software

This way, they do not have to call the hospital manually and ask for ambulances. This idea is not only beneficial for earning higher profits but also for saving a lot of lives. Experts believe that in the coming times, running a medical transportation business would be profitable and long-lasting. 

Employee transportation business

Employee transportation Business

After a long period of working from home and studying from home, the offices and schools are about to open in the coming times. Apparently, few of the offices have already opened. Though people are trying to bring back normalcy in their lives, the fear of getting in contacted with the virus is there. 

In such cases, the businesses use cases such as employee transportation business will be a great hit. You can start your mobility business by picking up vehicles such as shuttle or taxis where you can accommodate a larger group of customers without breaking the rules of social distancing. 

In current times, people are searching for safe, contactless and reliable transportation modes to attend their offices. Picking up this mobility business vertical can be a successful business idea that can make you one step closer to profit and sustainability in the market. 

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Bike rental- Jugnoo

Bike Rentals/ Ebike Rentals

It’s time to capture the demand of our young and fit youth. People have started understanding the value of good health and are now focused more on fitness. Picking up a bike rental business idea can serve a dual purpose. One, your customers can independently use the vehicle without sharing it with anyone else and second, the customers can maintain their fitness regime while using the e-bikes or e-scooter. The customer books a bike under bike rental and scans the allotted bike’s QR code to unlock.

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Carpool and sharing business

Carpooling and vehicle sharing businesses are one of the fast-growing businesses. You can create pooling and sharing apps for cars, two-wheelers, or taxis. Sharing taxis will allow customers, travelling to the same location to share a cab and split the fares. 

Carpooling is an idea of a network that can connect two different people travelling towards the same place. Here the ride provider is not a driver but only a person offering a ride. In such a ride, the driver may or may not charge as per their convenience. BLA BLA is such an example of intercity travel. 

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Taxi marketplace 

This is one of the most talked-about business use cases with a decent amount of scope in this era. Taxi marketplace can be a further extension of your taxi business where you can use your taxi to launch an on-demand platform for essentials as well. Commonly known as a super app, an on-demand app can help you and your customers to be on a similar platform to initiate the bookings and receive the orders. Many successful businesses such as Grab in Southeast Asia had already conquered the market. 

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Many of us might be apprehensive about whether they should launch their mobility business or not in these tough times. Some people will think of shifting their entrepreneurial journey to the future, waiting for a safer time. But is it worth waiting?

Certainly not! 2020 has shown us many ups and downs. But we can not deny the fact that many businesses have sparked their presence in this time period. If you have a business idea and are planning to launch it, partner with the right technology and make it happen.

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