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E-bikes: The today and Tomorrow of the ride-hailing industry!

2020 was a challenging year. But we learned many things. While preparing ourselves for an unstable future( sudden lockdown, COVID-19 second wave), the ride-hailing industry kept trying new things. E-bikes are gaining momentum and have made their way to trend the transport industry.

Before we discuss further, here is a brief overview of what an e-bike is and why it has become the favourite use case in the micro-mobility sector. 

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E-bikes: A brief overview

E-bikes are an electric version of our regular bikes or scooters. It includes various components such as a motor, battery, and controller. All the parts are seamlessly integrated together to make an e-bike. 

The electric component adds support to human power to some extent. In simpler words, it helps to enhance the physical movement of the rider without making him tired.  

Future of Mobility Business:  e-bikes 

E-bikes have been consistent in terms of improving their counterparts. Over the period, they have proved to be a unique prototype for a promising transport. Regions like Southeast Asia have already introduced e-bikes as a reliable and sustainable mode of transportation. There is a big future for e-bikes in the coming times. 

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Reasons to launch your e-bike business 

 If you are still sceptical about why you should pick up e-bike rental as your mobility business, here are a few essential points that should be considered. 

Reduction in fleet expense

As compared to the traditional mobility business, switching to the e-bike rental business can save a considerable amount. Experts believe that a company can save up to 65% of its total cost with e-bikes. Wondering how? It has been documented that there is a fair reduction in the overall fleet expense with the introduction of e-bikes. E-bikes are one of the prototype business models in the ride-hailing industry, proving to be one of the most influential modes of transportation in the coming times. Considerable savings in the expense vertical can be one of the driving factors to get improved ROI. 

Easy Maintenance

People might think that e-bikes are hard to manage and maintain. But that’s not true. As compared to the other vehicles, the cost of maintenance of e-bikes is comparatively low. You can think of saving another significant amount in preventing the maintenance charges. For instance, in other vehicles, you might need to give regular servicing to the combustion engines. But in the case of e-bikes, the motor is efficient. 

Less Investment with higher ROI 

The ongoing investment to start an e-bike rental business is comparatively small compared to other mobility business verticals. Many of the successful e-bike businesses have claimed that they have invested low in the inception stage. Over time, they have started earning a profit margin over the same. The key to beginning with the right business plan is to arrange and integrate all the various components of your e-bike business precisely. Starting from the hardware to ensuring a compatible bike rental software, your actions should fall in place to fetch the optimum results. If you are unsure where to begin, download the free e-book for setting up the bike rental business. 

Pro tip: Stay updated with the upcoming challenges and tips to sustain your e-bike rental business. 

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How to start your e-bike business?

Before you begin with, you have to go for intensive research to find the following doubts. Here is the list of questions you might come up with planning and setting up your e-bike rental business. 

  1. How much does it cost to set-up an e-bike business?
  2. Which hardware will stay compatible with the bike rental software?
  3. What should be the ideal minimum count of e-bikes to set up a business?
  4. How should I market my business to get the optimum results? 

The process to set up an e-bike rental business 

Get your business plan ready

You can either replicate any existing e-bike rental business models or develop a strategy to create a business plan for starting the business. 

Choosing the right hardware

The hardware of e-bikes is an essential component that helps in setting up your business. You should choose the best and compatible hardware that can go well with the software integration too.

Choosing the right software

As discussed, software and hardware collaboration are essential to ensure that your business stays functional ever. Robust software is required to launch your bike rental business. Many enterprises plan to pick up source code instead of SaaS and get in trouble again and again. 

Market your business properly

Marketing has become the need of the hour. A business needs to opt for omnichannel marketing to ensure that your business stays in your audiences’ eyes. It helps in unleashing the true potential of your business. 

Pro Tip: You can find the expert marketing agents here!


The E-bike business is on the growing verge. In the coming times, it is going to be one of the leading business models that can make you a successful name in the mobility business. If this business idea inspires you, connect with us to launch your business now. 

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