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Tips to sustain your rent-a-bike business

A rent-a-bike business is a great way to tap into the thriving shared economy wave. With more people opening up to the concept of renting vehicles, furniture, and other household items instead of buying them, you can easily start and foster a bike rental business.

In metropolitan and tier-2 cities, in particular, where public transport is adequate at best, a rent a bike business can address a crucial need of the customers; transportation.

If you have taken the plunge and started your bike rental business, it’s time to gear up and actively work towards sustaining your business, especially in the initial period. From the fleet management software used to the marketing campaigns deployed to bring in more customers, there are many ways to strengthen and support your bike rental business. Here are some effective tips to sustain your bike rental business.

Tips to sustain your rent-a-bike business- Jugnoo

Customer Friendly Everything

For any business to thrive, the customer-facing interface needs to be more appealing and easy to navigate. You don’t want your online bike rental business to lose out on customers because of a hard-to-navigate app or website. Your homepage, in particular, needs to be clean and present visitors with all the information and links they need to book a bike for rent.

To test if your existing website or app has a customer-friendly interface, analyze your visitor data, and identify customer trends. Is there a button or link that visitors click more than the others? Are visitors leaving the app or website from a particular page? Is there a blocker in the booking flow? Once you have the answers to these questions, you can optimize your website and app for positive customer experiences.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Any bike rental business is only as good as its vehicle fleet. When a customer rents a bike through your website or app, they expect a top-quality vehicle that allows for a smooth ride. To ensure this, you need to regularly service your vehicles and ensure they are working well.

With bike rental software that tracks your fleet’s performance and status, you’ll be notified when a bike needs to be serviced. By servicing your vehicles regularly, you can ensure they last for a long time and also give your customers a hassle-free rental experience. Regular vehicle maintenance is also a requirement for getting a bike rental business license in many states.

Robust Marketing Initiatives

Once you launch a bike rental business and have all your affairs in order, the next task is a massive marketing push. Since your business is online and the location is not a constraint, your marketing initiatives can be completely digital and thus target a far bigger audience.

Some of the marketing opportunities at your disposal include push notifications and alerts for app users, search and display ads, social media marketing, email marketing, and a lot more. Each of these marketing initiatives is unique and affects the customers’ spending patterns in many different ways.

Depending on your budget and marketing goals, you can pick one of these or a combination that can bring in more customers. The choice of marketing campaign also depends on the place you’re operating from and the general customer sentiment.

Discounts & Cashback

Another easy way to sustain your rent a bike business is by offering customers discounts and cashback offers. There’s nothing quite like a flat discount on your rental service to bring in more customers and retain your existing ones. Cashback offers are also a great way to both get new customers to try your service and then bring them back for another go. This doesn’t just build customer retention but if the customer likes your service, helps with positive word of mouth, which in turn brings more customers to your business.

There are many different categories for discounts including new user discounts, referral discounts, festive season discounts, and more. These different discount categories don’t just bring in more customers but also keep them engaged and back to you for their bike rental needs.

Powerful Bike Rental Software to support rent a bike business

Your bike rental business can’t function without stellar bike rental software that is equipped with all the right features. As the admin of your bike rental dashboard, you need access to tools designed to help you run your business more efficiently. From an orders panel where you can accept or reject orders to a trip status dashboard using which you can keep tabs on all your ongoing orders, bike rental software allows you to manage every aspect of your rental business from a centralized place.

Without proper bike rental software, you’ll have to manually manage each aspect of your business and that is both times consuming and expensive. Power your rental business with the right bike rental software and take your venture to unprecedented heights.

These were some of the tips you can utilize to sustain your bike rental business. All of the tips mentioned above can be implemented flawlessly with Jugnoo, a bike rental software, and scooter share platform that boasts an impressive collection of features designed to help you optimize your operations:

  • Our dedicated customer app allows for Bluetooth Integrated locking and unlocking of the bike
  • Take advantage of our detailed analytics to identify problem points in your business and take corrective measures to remedy them
  • Optimize pricing during peak hours and high demand times to earn better
  • Add third-party integrations to your customer app and admin dashboard and take advantage of more features and tools
  • Real-time tracking feature to help you access and locate your bike easily
  • Send custom alerts and notifications to your customers to better market your rental services
  • Streamlined and efficient customer app that allows customers to book a taxi easily with a single click.

These are just a few of the features that make Jugnoo the right partner to help sustain your bike rental business. Learn more about our bike rental software by getting in touch with our team of experts right here.

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