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Rapido’s Instant Success: A New Beginning for Bike Rental Start-ups In India

Winners don’t do different things, but they do things differently. True! Isn’t it? The statement goes pretty well with the success story of India’s most- talked-about bike start-up “Rapido”. As the name suggests, Rapido was rapid enough to score high in the competition and get their own place in the Indian bike market.
With its establishment in 2015 from Bengaluru, the bike business was quick to expand and nurture its branches in other parts of the country too. What started with a dream of two people, has now become the travel style of more than 30,000 riders per day. Isn’t it amazing, how the idea of offering quick and smart bike transport to the common people, has made the owners, a successful business holders in the transport industry?
Are these figures fascinating to you? And are giving fuel to your dream of having your name in the list of start-ups that can tougher the competition for others? If yes, then you must know how you can begin smartly and wisely in your journey to establish your business in such a tight competitive world. 

How Rapido Conquers The Indian Streets?

Rapido is following a very simple yet smart business model where they are in the process of registering the drivers, referring to them as “ Captains”. With little easy documentation, any of the bike, scooter, e-bike owners could register with them. These captains would start getting bookings and for every ride, a fixed base fare of around Rs. 15 is charged with additional per kilometre charges. 
This allows the captains to pick the rider and drop him at the required destination without much hassle. Isn’t it a cool and simple to use business model to kickstart the journey?

A Perfect Business Idea To Begin With

So, you might be stuck between what to do and how to do, so that you could also see yourself as a successful entrepreneur. Let us help you! Why don’t you try to start your own business just like Rapido? They are having a smart business model where the need to put investment is less and the expected ROI is quite high. If you are still not convinced to begin your e-bike rental business, read these interesting points that might help you to take a faster decision.

Why e-bike Rental Business is in High Demand?

Here is the list of reasons that might give you a clear picture of why to go ahead with this idea.

  • Bike Rental Business doesn’t ask for big investments.
  • E-bike Rental Business gives you the opportunity to cut down manpower and unnecessary operational expenses.
  • As compared to other options of e-hailing transport, bike travel allows to ditch issues like traffic congestion. 
  • One can choose between aggregated fleet and self-owned fleet, depending upon the investment and demand in the area.
  • The extended flexibility to run the business even remotely is certainly an important feature that makes the bike rental business, a smart decision to begin with.

How Jugnoo Can Give Wings To Your Dreams?

If you have made up your mind and are looking forward to exploring the opportunity to set up your bike rental business, get connected with us. From offering custom apps by adding required payment integration in the app, we have covered all for you. If you are looking to set up your start-up with a bike rental business, we can offer you the best hardware, to begin with. Our e-bikes can smartly integrate with the software and will allow you to experience smooth rental operations. 
For more information, get in touch with us now. 

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