The Tata Group Launches Tata Neu, Its Own Super App

Tata Group officially launched its much-anticipated super app, Tata Neu, for the general public on Thursday, April 7, after multiple delays. The software was previously available for free on the Google Play and Apple App Stores, but access was limited to Tata corporate members and only through referrals. Now, everyone can access the service by […]

Start-ups Get an Edge When it Comes to Super Apps. Know, How Jugnoo Can Help You.

The world has turned upside down post-pandemic. Things that were beyond imagination have become the reality of today. Those who are an integral part of the mobility industry must know how quickly things are evolving in the market. Here is this article that speaks about how super apps are the new trendsetters and how a […]

Why is the Gojek Clone Attracting Business Owners?

Gojek Clone has been a popular name in the super app vertical. Businesses are getting adapted to the dynamic customer requirements and are planning to make it wise to gain profitability and sustainability in the market.  The super app business model offers immense flexibility and sustainability to match the dynamism of the customers. With a […]

Launch Robust On-Demand Gojek Clone App with Jugnoo

Are you tired of waiting along to give shape to your dreams? Are you willing to look for a perfect solution to make your dreams come true? Here is how you can make it happen without putting in much effort. Time to launch your robust on-demand Gojek clone app with none other, leading tech provider – […]

Be the next Gojek or Grab with Jugnoo Superapp!

The world is getting adapted to the new means of finding and exploring the business. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs were comfortable in experimenting with a traditional business use case. Things have changed now. Startups are keener to try their hands on exclusive business ideas too that showcases a genuine level of potential in […]

An open future: The Entry of Super App Marketplace in the delivery industry

The delivery industry has changed its norms from traditional ways to digital urbanisation owing to the current market trends. Expanding the growth horizon of the on-demand industry, the super app marketplace has entered the market for all good reasons.  Experts believe that super apps are going to add a new chapter that will stay for […]

What is so super about the Super Apps?

The retail battle is on point. Post-digital transformation, every app lover is looking to win the digital turf for his business. During this transition, Super Apps have gained immense popularity and thought leadership in the market. Wondering why? Here is the article that can offer you valuable insights about the same.  Before we discuss the […]

How does Gojek Model Works: Business and Revenue Insights!

A Super App born out of necessity has become the “business trend” today. A few years back, the launch of malls had kicked out the existence of shops and stores. Similar to this pattern, the presence of super apps is giving tough competition to the single-service app. And Gojek is definitely the talk of the town […]

Mistakes to avoid while launching your Super App

An app for your business is like a storefront window—a welcome mat from where all your potential customers visit your services. Your super app interface will decide whether your visitors will turn into your loyal customers or find another app to seek assistance.  Super Apps are standalone apps that serve end to end needs of […]

Reasons why Super App are trending!- All you want to know

Super Apps are the new ecosystem in consumer-driven marketing. Super Apps allow the service provider to monopolize its customers’ time with the desired set of services. The successful business model is trending in various parts of the world. Emerging markets such as South East Asia, South America have offered multiple opportunities for the super app […]

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