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Start-ups Get an Edge When it Comes to Super Apps. Know, How Jugnoo Can Help You.

The world has turned upside down post-pandemic. Things that were beyond imagination have become the reality of today. Those who are an integral part of the mobility industry must know how quickly things are evolving in the market. Here is this article that speaks about how super apps are the new trendsetters and how a smart tech platform like Jugnoo can help in making the dream come true in every manner.

Get an edge with Jugnoo.io super apps

If you are an existing player or are planning to begin with the journey, this write-up can be served as a quick guide to understanding how to go ahead. 

Super Apps –  A brief introduction 

It is believed that BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis gave the name to this outstanding piece of software in 2010. He defined super apps as “a closed ecosystem of many apps that people would use every day because they offer such a seamless, integrated, contextualized and efficient experience.”

Today super app marketplace, or digital front doors, have advanced to the point that they now lead to a vast marketplace of services and offerings, facilitated by in-house technology and numerous third-party integrations. There are also some major participants in the game.

Get an edge with Jugnoo.io super apps

Super Apps are known as master apps to support, execute and plan multiple activities. It is a one-stop place where all the on-demand business-related activities along with a taxi marketplace can be offered conveniently. 

In now’s time, super apps could be defined as smart end-to-end tech-driven apps that can support, expand and scale more than one business in the market. The apps are tech-driven and are well supported by the usage of mobile phones. This adds mobility as an added privilege to anyone at any place at any hour of the day. 

What next?

Now, when you have well understood the term super apps in the above section, we are now going to discuss the additional and proactive benefits that make them stand out in the market. 

Read them and let us know if you too find them lucrative to get a hold over the decision of keeping super apps.

Benefits of Super Apps: Why your mobility business must need one!

Many people often struggle to ask and believe whether they need the super app or not. Here is what they all need to know before making an informed decision. These apps are well preferred in all business types irrespective of any geography. 

If you are thinking about what is so much super about the super apps, let us review the benefits that make them stand up in the market. 

It amplifies the scope of the business 

Super Apps are known to support varied operations in a single app. This widened the scope of doing different operations through one app. The variety of services helps in making it easier for businesses to capture more attention from the audiences. While super apps have a lot of revenue potential, they’ll earn their audience based on basic fundamentals of excellent software development and testing, just like any other app. A wider audience will be the chance for businesses to grow and create better revenue channels.

Super app designers must provide an appealing and frictionless marketplace with great consumer appeal to relieve the mental pain of users bidding goodbye to their favorite solo apps. Every designer understands that a great app layout has a significant impact on user happiness and long-term usage.

In addition, the super app must work in unison with a variety of third-party businesses. Then there’s the crucial payment component, as well as the associated security.

It asks for less investment

Any business that plans to pick growth and presence in the market, looks for a decent investment. If you are a part of the business eternity, you must be knowing how important it is to gain that first level of investment. If you plan to start your business with more apps to define all verticals, you will find it to be a costly affair. 

On the other hand, if you choose to stick with super apps, most of your initial investment will be saved. Hence, in simpler words, you can save a lot in making apps and handling them as you decide to create a single app for the same. Super apps are flexible enough to give you the capacity of making more function-ready apps and creating a better ROI with the least investment. As your business grows in terms of reach and ROI, you can think of expanding your super app reach too. 

It makes you more approachable 

Heard about the demand and supply algorithm before? It means as per the demand in the market, you can quantify the supply. Post pandemic, the fulfillment channel has become fast and quick in terms of including the programmatic algorithms for the same. 

Once you choose to stay grounded with the super apps, there are chances that you are on your way to making it more approachable, accessible, and preferable in the market. For further information, feel free to get connected with our experts. 

Must-have Features in super apps

Here is the list of having all the required features in the super app and how it can make a significant difference in your business operations. However, if required you can also ask for a customized set of features in your super app. 

Get inclusivity of all apps in 1 super app

To make an app looks like a super app, the first and foremost important thing is to include all the significant apps in it. For instance, if you wish to start a marketplace with fintech support, it is quite essential to ask for the same. The super app powered by Jugnoo is known to offer you the same level of an inclusive set of apps and features in it.  

Easy to integrate APIs

So, it is important to find and locate the super apps that could be quite flexible and scalable in terms of going for the integrated APIs. This alone feature helps in making sure that your business and your super app remain scalable and expandable in the market. If you are looking to customize your app, it is important to choose a platform that can support the customization and white labeling of the app. 

Looking for a specific sort of APIs integrations to make your super app more useful and resonated with your business use case?

Interactive UI face 

Last but not the least, the super apps should be interactive and engaging in terms of meeting the UI requirements. Since the super apps are meant to be used by the audiences, it is important to have added comfort for the apps. This comfort will be called the most significant factor in making sure your app works smoothly and seamlessly with the audience. The interactive UI support should be a part of your super apps. Jugnoo offers the much-needed comfort in its UI-UX support with great ease and perfection.

Wrapping Up

Knowing more about super apps is a definitive step that is required to make your existing business smart and scalable in the market. If you are looking to get supported with advanced tech and make it possible for your business to unleash the maximum potential in the market, don’t forget to choose Super Apps in redefining your business.

Get an edge with Jugnoo.io super apps

Super apps are known to support a bunch of business ideas under one platform. One can easily combine the idea of launching a mobility business with another bunch of online business ideas such as marketplaces, fintech support, consultation, and many more. This extravagant combination can help in painting the most desired and happy results for your business in less than expected time. And don’t forget to count for the earned loyalty of your customers in the process. 

Jugnoo offers a complete tech suite compilation to make your super apps approachable, accessible, and outreach in the market.

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